Winners List

May 25, 2020 Classics – Beta 1 Game:

super squares game details

Perfect Super Square Grand Prize:

Ten (10) Finalists who earned a Perfect Super Square last evening were selected at random from all players who earned a Perfect Super Square. The Finalist with the highest Final Game Show Score won the Grand Prize.

Here are the results:

super squares game details

Game Group Winner Prize details:

There were nine (9) Game Groups last evening. Every Game Group Winner received a Game Group Winner Prize (a Collector’s Edition football, signed by The Commissioner, Matt Birk).

Here are the results:

super squares game details

Buddy Matching Prizes:

All of last night’s winners were mavericks – they discovered Super Squares ® on their own and therefore were not referred by someone else. So, there were no Buddy Prizes. awarded.

But – now that YOU know how to Watch, React, and Win, it’s time to refer your friends before they sign up for Super Squares®. Be a Buddy – first – so when your friends, win, you win matching prizes too!


Winners will be contacted this week – check your emails for details on collecting your prizes.

And keep the Super Squares app loaded on your device, so we can alert you for more beta games in advance of our September 10, 2020 kickoff of live games this fall.

Thanks for Reacting!