Watch Parties – More to Do, More to Win

When a Super Squares® Game is a LIVE WATCH PARTY, you’ll want to WATCH the whole football game.  Catching our livestream at can be fun, too!

Q: How do I know if I am joining a Watch Party version?
A: We will tell you before checking into a game. Look for the Watch Party ‘Red Banner’ 👀

Why watch the whole game? Because throughout the live sporting event, Watch Party game shows contain BONUS BREAKS and POWERPICKS that provide bonus points for answering questions and making predictions.  Getting these questions correct gets a whole lot easier if you’re watching the sporting event live – BONUS BREAKS and POWERPICKS are real-time questions about what’s going on RIGHT NOW in the game.

If you leave your alerts on, you’ll be notified when to REACT for bonus points, all of which are added to your FINAL SCORE, to arrive at your final WATCH PARTY SCORE.

The top Watch Party scores in the country win prizes reserved only for those who play the Watch Party version. These prizes are in addition to prizes you – and everybody playing the “Classic” edition of Super Squares® – will compete for by having the FINAL SCORES that rank you at the top of your Game Group.  REMEMBER – you can play the Classic or Watch Party games, and both versions result in FINAL SCORES from your RXP’s, Predicters, and Super Squares®.  There’s no advantage to one version or the other – except the Watch Party version is a lot more fun if you intend to watch the whole game, and you can win even more.

Watch Party + Live Stream = “Super Squares® on Steroids”

To get completely immersed in the Super Squares® experience, you may want to catch the Super Squares® Live Stream on, featuring Bearded Blevins, 80’s Dave, Big Money Frank, TimG, Magic Megan, Uncle Terry and the whole SuperSquares.TV crew. You’ll also want to listen real carefully for the secret passcode to a special VIP SkyBox, where the highest score in the SkyBox can win other prizes reserved for those on the Live Stream.

NOTE:  Most Super Squares® game shows are NOT Watch Party game shows – currently Watch Party games occur only during evening games. Not able to watch a full game, or not able to tune into a live stream?  Don’t worry, you can still play the Classic Edition – 3-2-1 Kickoff, and React up to 8 times in the 1st quarter – easy peasy!


Check out the illustrations below (hockey version illustrated, but you get the picture!) to learn about PowerPicks and Bonus Breaks. Bonus Breaks feature 2 quiz or survey questions worth up to 6 points per break, and PowerPicks let you wager from zero to three Game Show Points, to earn double or triple your points risked.  But be careful – a wrong PowerPick will see your wager deducted from your score.


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