Watch Party

When a Super Squares Game is a LIVE WATCH PARTY, you’ll want to WATCH the action on to maximize your points. 

Why? Because throughout the live sporting event, we’ll be announcing special BONUS BREAKS and POWERPICKS that provide bonus points for answering questions and making predictions.  Getting these questions correct gets a whole lot easier if you’re tuned into our live WATCH PARTY on Twitch. If you leave your alerts on, you’ll be notified when to REACT for bonus points, but you’ll find some questions are harder to get right if you miss the on-air antics of Bearded Blevins, 80’s Dave, and the whole SuperSquares.TV crew. You’ll also want to listen real carefully for the secret passcode to a special VIP SkyBox, where the highest score in the country wins that game show’s largest prize.

NOTE:  Most Super Squares game shows are NOT Watch Party game shows. But during the month of June 2021, and during special events over the balance of the year, keep your eyes peeled for the “WATCH PARTY” label before you play.

Not able to watch a full football or hockey game, or not able to tune into Twitch?  Don’t worry, you can still play your Pre-Game Break for a shot at the Perfect Game Jackpot. 


Check out the illustrations below, to learn about PowerPicks and Bonus Breaks. Bonus Breaks feature 2 quiz or survey questions worth up to 6 points per break, and PowerPicks let you wager from zero to three Game Show Points, to earn double or triple your points bet.  But be careful – a wrong PowerPick will see your wager deducted from your score.


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