Watch Parties – More to Do, More to Win

Catch our Live Stream at and
join the Watch Party after the Game Starts!

Q: How will I know if I can join a Watch Party game?
A: When announced in the app, Game Shows that are featured on SuperSquares.TV will turn on the “Join Watch Party” button in the lower left corner, once the game has started.  Tap it, and VIOLA! you’ve joined the Watch Party Skybox. ?

Why do I need to watch the whole game? Because throughout the live sporting event, Watch Party game shows contain BONUS BREAKS and POWERPICKS that provide bonus points for answering questions and making predictions.  Getting these questions correct gets a whole lot easier if you’re watching the sporting event live – BONUS BREAKS and POWERPICKS are real-time questions about what’s going on RIGHT NOW in the game. Some questions may also pertain to the action taking place on our Live Stream; we even will feature TRIVIA during some Bonus Breaks, particularly during intermission. (HINT: Knowing something about the history of the teams and their cities may be helpful during trivia-related Bonus Breaks.)

Starting in June 2022, some Watch Party game shows also feature PREDICTER SQUARES – enabling you to SWITCH OUT your Super Square for a NEW, adjacent Super Square each period or quarter! You’ll pay from 1 to 3 Watch Party points to make the switch, but then you’ll collect extra points if your New Super Square is a Partial or Perfect Super Square.  See the images at the bottom of the page and watch the intro video in the app when you first choose to switch your Super Square, to learn more.

How will I know when I can collect more points? If you leave your alerts on, you’ll be notified when to REACT for bonus points, all of which are added to your FINAL SCORE, to arrive at your final WATCH PARTY SCORE. Predicter Square points are available once per quarter, as long as you make the switch with at least 5 minutes left in the quarter (or 2 minutes for basketball or hockey).

What can I win – and can I still win points for having a top Game Group score? The top Watch Party scores in the country win prizes reserved only for those who play the Watch Party version. These prizes are in addition to prizes you – and everybody playing the “Classic” edition of Super Squares® – will compete for by having the FINAL SCORES that rank you at the top of your Game Group.  REMEMBER – you can play the Classic or Watch Party games, and both versions result in FINAL SCORES from your RXP’s, Predicters, and Super Squares®.  There’s no advantage to one version or the other – except the Watch Party version is a lot more fun if you intend to watch the whole game, and you can win even more.

Watch Party + Live Stream = “Super Squares® on Steroids”

To get completely immersed in the Super Squares® experience, catch the Super Squares® Live Stream on, featuring Bearded Blevins, 80’s Dave, Big Money Frank, TimG, Magic Megan, Uncle Terry, Luigi, and the whole SuperSquares.TV crew. You’ll also want to listen carefully to the first 10 minutes of the Live Steam, when the hosts will announce when the “Join Watch Party” button will appear, and whether or not Predicter Squares are available.

Not able to watch a full game, or not able to tune into our Live Stream?  Don’t worry, just ignore the “Join Watch Party” button, and play the standard Classic game instead. And if you fall asleep or have to leave the game unexpectedly after joining a Watch Party, only your Watch Party score may be impacted.  As long as you’ve finished all of your in-game RXP’s, your Final Score will still be maximized, and you’re always eligible for the Game Group prizes when the game is over.


Check out the illustrations below (hockey version illustrated) to learn about PowerPicks, Bonus Breaks, and Predicter Squares. Bonus Breaks feature 2 quiz or survey questions worth up to 6 points per break, and PowerPicks let you wager from zero to three Game Show Points, to earn double or triple your points risked.  But be careful – a wrong PowerPick will see your wager deducted from your score!

NOTE:  Leave NOTIFICATIONS ON while playing Watch Party game shows.