ValPak VIP Details

Home Free Until ’23


Every Monday Night during Halftime, from 11/22 to 12/27/22

1 Valpak VIP may win “HOME FREE until 2023”

Your rent or mortgage paid through 2022, up to $20,000!


Be sure to enter your Valpak VIP Code in the Super Squares app to be eligible.

See the video, below, and Official Rules, for Details. 

Download a copy of the special Valpak VIP Game Piece
Also, printed on the INSIDE of the November Valpak envelope, seen below.

To Win Monday’s Valpak VIP Prize:

A random Valpak VIP player with a PERFECT SQUARE at halftime will get a call from Mike Golic, and be asked TWO QUESTIONS:

1) What brand is tonight’s Valpak VIP Sponsor, and if correct,
2) A multiple choice question about the Sponsor’s Super Square’s in-app ad.

Get both questions right, and you’re Home Free Until 2023!

Don’t miss Mike’s call – and follow us on Twitter @SuperSquaresHQ – because we’ll tweet your Screen Name just before Mike calls!  See Official Rules for details.

How to register as a Valpak VIP:

IMPORTANT:  Everybody is eligible to participate – if you are NOT a recipient of a monthly Valpak envelope, or if you are but have misplaced / not received your envelope, YOU’RE STILL ABLE TO BECOME A VALPAK VIP.

STEP 1:  Tap the “Menu” button in the Super Squares app, and select “Valpak VIP.”

STEP 2:  When provided a choice, select “SUBMIT/CREATE My Valpak VIP.”

A. If you have your 11 character VIP Code from the front of the envelope, enter it and press “SUBMIT.”

B. If you DON’T have an envelope or code, tap the “CREATE My VIP Code” button, and a unique temporary VIP Code is placed in the window.  Press “SUBMIT.”  (If your envelope arrives later, you can update it following these same steps.

Look for your official November 2021 Valpak envelope (pictured below).

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