SuperSquares.TV Bowl


Tournament Overview – 9 Super Squares players from the SuperSquare.TV livestream will draft and then be paired with 9 members of the SuperSquares.TV team, to compete during the 2022 NFL Playoffs. One team will be crowned the 2022 Champions. $10,000 in cash will be awarded to 8 of the 9 teams, with the Champions being crowned during the final game, on February 13th.


1) QUALIFY – Wildcard Weekend Games (2 on Saturday, Jan. 15 and 3 on Sunday, Jan. 16)

BASICS: Players can play up to 5 games on Saturday and Sunday inside the Special SuperSquares.TV Skybox. Use the same private Passcode each Game Show. On Monday, the top 9 players will qualify for the event. Finalists announced during Monday’s 8 PM Livestream.

1st – 5th place: 5 players with the most total Sat. & Sun. Game Show points
6th-9th place: Remaining 4 players with the highest single-game Predicters.

DETAILS: Players watching SuperSquares.TV will listen for the Passcode for the special SkyBox. The Passcode will be announced at least 3 times before the end of the 1st quarter, for all 5 games that weekend. The Passcode will NOT be published and players who hear the Passcode onstream agree not to share it with non-viewers, and will not publish the Passcode in chat, on social media, email, text or any other medium, at the risk of disqualification.

2) DRAFT – Monday, Jan. 17 @ 8 PM ET

BASICS: The top 9 Players are announced as Finalists. Live on stream, Finalists then draft an available SuperSquares.TV member as their teammate. Draft is in order of each Finalist’s ranking.

Bearded Packer Fan

Tweet & ReTweet

Tiger Sharks


Da Iron Pittkas

Mod Squad

Mega Sweaty


3) PLAY – Jan. 22nd & 23rd (Round 1); January 30th (Round 2); February 13th (Finals)

BASICS: Teams strategize and then play every Playoff Game inside a VIP SkyBox. Top teams advance to next Round, losing teams win consolation prizes.

TEAM SCORE = (Highest + Lowest Game Show Scores) + (Highest + Lowest Predicters)

? ROUND 1 (4 games, Jan. 22nd – 23rd)

Top 4 Teams Advance to Round 2

  • #5, #6, #7 and #8: $250 cash (8 players)
  • #9: Participation Trophy (2 players)

? ROUND 2 (2 games, Jan. 30th)

Top 2 Teams Advance to FINALS

  • #3 & #4: $500 cash (4 players)

? FINALS (1 game, Feb. 13th)

  • Winner: $2,000 cash + Official Trophy (2 players)
  • 2nd: $1,000 cash (2 players)

DETAILS: Team Score is compiled from all Final Scores and Predicters by the 2 Players on the team. For the Finals, since there is only one game, both Players’ Final Scores and Predicters will be used for the Team Score. NOTE: SuperSquares.TV Bowl is a VIP SkyBox contest conducted by React LLC, governed by Super Squares® Official Rules.