SkyBox Details

Skyboxes.  Nothing in sports compares.  Exclusive.  Exciting.  The ultimate fan experience.

With Super Squares®, we’ve launched SkyBoxes and VIP SkyBoxes.  SkyBoxes are a way for Super Squares® fans to compete head-to-head with their friends, clubs, fantasy leagues, and more.  Our media partners, including radio, streaming, sports teams, and Brand Sponsors, are even hosting VIP SkyBoxes, which connect Super Squares® sports fans to their favorite sports talk, streaming, and sports team celebs.

Here’s the scoop:

1) What’s a SkyBox?  It’s a leaderboard that compares the live scores of all invited guests playing the same Super Squares® Game.  Everybody playing Super Squares® is already a part of a “Game Group,” consisting of 25 random players.  But lots of players want to play with and against their friends as well.  So we created SkyBoxes.

2) How do I CREATE or JOIN a SkyBox?  It’s easy.  Preferably before the game, up to the end of the first quarter (or period), you can create and/or join up to two SkyBoxes

  • CREATE a Skybox.  Select “Create a SkyBox” next to the Super Squares® game you want to enter.  Then, name your SkyBox, and create a Passcode.  This Passcode is unique for to you, for the Super Squares® game you want to play.  SHARE THE PASSCODE with your friends, and they can join your SkyBox by selecting “Join SkyBox.”  All they’ll need to know is your Passcode.  NOTE:  SkyBox Passcodes are unique for each Game Show – BUT, if someone has your Passcode, they can visit your SkyBox.  Don’t want any SkyBox Crashers?  Then tell your friends not to share!
  • JOIN a Skybox.  Select “Join a Skybox” next to the Super Squares® game you want to join.  Then enter the unique Passcode provided to you by the person who created it.  That’s it – but be careful; if you enter the wrong Passcode, you’ll not only find yourself amongst strangers in the SkyBox, but you’ll have wasted one of your 2 SkyBox passes that game.

3) What’s a VIP SkyBox?  Approved Super Squares® media partners, streamers, brands, teams, and Winfluencers are able to create special VIP SkyBoxes, which offer invited VIP’s with a little extra juice.  VIP SkyBoxes let you rub elbows and play WITH and AGAINST the media hosts of a SkyBox, which include sports talk radio jocks, streamers, and a growing list of Winfluencers who love Super Squares and their favorite sports teams. VIP SkyBoxes often offer special contests that award prizes to the highest scoring VIPs that show up for the game.  You’ll also be able to access the Twitter feed of the VIP SkyBox host, learn more about their contest, and learn more about their Sponsors, by checking out the billboards at the bottom of the SkyBox.  Want to join a VIP SkyBox? You’ll need a Passcode first.

4) Can I host a SkyBox for my football party?  We thought you’d never ask!  Yes, Super Squares® SkyBoxes aren’t only an awesome, free way to connect with your socially distanced friends playing Super Squares, but they allow you to host your own mobile version of the squares game tens of millions play each year during the “Big Game” and other events.  No paper, no logistics, and as you know, with Super Squares®, EVERY Super Square has at least one good combo, and you get a new Super Square every quarter, so you’re never stuck with the same numbers.  Bottom line, YES, feel free to use Super Squares® instead… and save a tree.

5) How are people having their own competitions inside their SkyBoxes?  We see inside games having two versions:
       A) – Highest score(s) win. Lots of SkyBoxes are awarding prizes to the top 1-3 scores after the game is over. Just screen grab the Leaderboard during or after the game, so you’ll have a record at the end of the game.  You’ll just need to know how to reach the players, since all you’ll see is their Screen Names and results.
       B) – Quarterly winners.  At the end of the quarter, email yourself a screen grab of the entire list of players at the end of each quarter BEFORE THE SQUARES CHANGE, so you’ll have a record of everybody’s Super Square.  If you want to give a prize to the players with a Perfect Super Square (or split it), go right ahead. If nobody has a Perfect Super Square, you can roll the prize over to the next Quarter – or, roll it over to the end, where the overall winning score takes a prize and maybe all that wasn’t awarded. 

Using a 5 slice pizza, for example, imagine each quarter, the Perfect Super Square gets a slice, and at the end of the game, the highest score gets the last slice (and any unclaimed slices).  If more than one player has a Perfect Super Square, they can split the slice!

Send us any ideas you have of how to make SkyBoxes more exciting, and remember – prizes inside your SkyBoxes are YOUR responsibility, not ours!