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Super Squares Update – September 2022

The texts, emails and support tickets started flowing in, as the 2022 NFL season commenced, with no Super Squares games in the lobby.

What’s going on?

The simple answer is that React LLC, the creators of Super Squares, have completed the build out of the Super Squares app. Over 40,000 players, and over 1 million reactive ads later, version 4.0 was polished and pushed live in June of 2022.  It’s now time to take Super Squares to the next level – partnering with large media companies and brands will allow the world’s first live sports mobile game show to expand beyond our current fan base.

With football, hockey and basketball fully deployed, and other sports like baseball and soccer requiring only 30-45 days for development, we’re hopeful that in the next 12-18 months, version 5.0 will kick off with a national partner (and a stable of sports-loving brands).

We thank all Super Squares OGs, dating all the way back to our beta launch in 2018, for being so passionate and loyal.

Chin(strap) up – we’ll be back!

For breaking news, updates, and pop-up games, consider leaving the app installed.  Check this page, and the message board in the app, periodically.  We’ll post our progress just as soon as it’s fit to share.

And as always, thanks for REACTING!


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(Videos pertain to pro football version only; prize pools for all sports are governed by Official Rules).