Why We Need To Change Advertising For Good

January 27, 2022

reactive advertising

To understand the problem with advertising, just look at the root of the word.

According to Merriam-Webster, “advertisement,” sometimes abbreviated “advert,” is derived from the Latin verb “advertere,” which means to turn toward or pay attention to. You probably already see the issue.

In short, most people are turning decidedly away from ads. Some 52% of consumers — 61% of those 55 and older — stop paying attention when ads come on TV. Streaming is no better — 69% said ads on streaming services are repetitive and 79% are bothered by the experience. About half of internet users use ad blockers because “there are too many ads,” “too many ads are annoying or irrelevant” and “ads are too intrusive,” according to a Hootsuite report.

It sounds more like another word with the same root: “avert,” which means to turn away. Today’s advertising is “avertising” because the average human tendency is to avoid ads at all costs. “Advertise” sounds an awful lot like “avert eyes.”…

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