Super Squares Players Win Big with Hugely Successful Launch

February 9, 2018

Super Squares - 10 Grand Prize Finalists

Broadway World presented Super Squares™ to their readers in the Geeks News Desk. Read the original article here.

Super Squares - 10 Grand Prize FinalistsPlayers of the revolutionary live game show app Super Squares™ won thousands of dollars, hundreds of Domino’s® pizzas, and one fan is taking home a new Nissan Altima from Fuccillo Nissan as part of a hugely successful beta test run that culminated in Sunday’s “Big Game.”

Over the last two months, React LLC launched Super Squares™ on Android and iPhone versions with the AFC Championship football game, followed by the Pro Bowl, and then the “Big Game” this last Sunday. Genesis Communications partnered with React, LLC on the contest. A full winner’s listing is at:

“This test demonstrated a revolutionary approach to engage people with live sports in a hugely fun way,” said React founder Frank Maggio. “We proved we can engage people who normally would skip TV commercials, and we now have a way to deliver real results for advertisers looking for alternative methods to reach their audiences.”

That approach won big for Richard Shockley of Palm Harbor, whose Perfect Super Square “Y” in the 3rd Quarter matched the 29-26 score. Shockley was selected as the winning entry for a new 2017 Nissan Altima from Fuccillo Nissan, announced live on Q105 and WQYK radio. Click here to listen to a live recording of Shockley receiving the news.

The article went on to highlight some of the success points of the recent beta test:

  • Nearly half of players were women, meaning advertisers have a huge opportunity to reach audiences that other channels neglect.
  • The vast majority of players stayed with the game, despite relatively lower TV ratings during the Pro Bowl, proving the game can create loyal followers.
  • Nearly all players who successfully start the app complete the game, proving they are highly engaged, even during a frantic environment such as the “Big Game.”

React plans to keep expanding the Super Squares™ system, and this autumn will support football games across the country, and add a wide variety of sports, such as basketball, hockey and even NASCAR.

For the full article visit Broadway World.

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