Super Squares® Takes Sports Prediction and Squares to a New Level With Super Squares® Hockey Edition

March 23, 2021

Live mobile game show app soft launched a seven-week hockey pilot last night, starting with the nationally televised Minnesota Wild and Anaheim Ducks game

Tampa, FL (Businesswire) March 23, 2021

Today, Super Squares®, the live mobile game show that launches Advertising as a Sport™, announces it will be trading the football field for the ice rink, unveiling its hockey pilot for the NHL’s passionate fans. Super Squares® Hockey Edition officially debuted during last night’s game between the Minnesota Wild and Anaheim Ducks, and over the next seven weeks, will be delivering a Total Content Experience™ to hockey fans nationwide. The hockey edition of Super Squares® is believed to be the first ever squares game for hockey, with players earning points for matching each team’s Shots On Goal at the end of each period of play. The free-to-play app will unveil new game features that allow players to get even more involved in the action by using second screens to predict, react, and square up over the course of a full match.


Last Fall, Super Squares® enabled tens of thousands of football fans to experience an exciting, new second screen experience that allowed them, and the brands that make this all possible, to become part of the game. In addition to the novel gameplay that players loved during the NFL season, including the pre-game predictions and reactive quizzes, Super Squares® will be introducing new On-Demand “Bonus Break” questions that will be asked at any point during the game. These real-time questions will debut in early April, and may include sports and brand trivia questions about the current game, the team, the players, or Sponsors, and are designed to help broadcast partners keep fans more fully engaged – even during intermissions.

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