New live mobile game show app expands to Milwaukee, Seattle offering football fans and their Buddies a chance to win $240,000 prize pool

September 23, 2020

Super Squares® is rolling out in Seattle and Milwaukee this week with new partnerships giving fans the opportunity to play against their favorite sports radio jocks 

TAMPA, Fla. – Super Squaresthe family-friendly live mobile game show that allows users to play for free, expanded from their launch market of Minneapolis – St. Paul to Milwaukee and Seattle for the NFL’s third week of football Thursday. 

Listeners of WRNW in Milwaukee and KJR in Seattle can now join listeners from KFAN in Minneapolis for a chance to win more than $240,000 in cash and prizes.  

Super Squares is a new take on the old classic football squares, familiar to an estimated 80 to 100 million Americanswith multi-player enhancements in a free-to-play mobile app. Each Super Squares game allows users to earn points by matching their Super Square to one or both scores at the end of each quarter, while answering four quiz show questions about the featured game they are watching and also about the content of two in-app commercials each quarter. Additionally, players earn tiebreaker points by predicting the final score, longest play by a particular team and total offensive yards. 

“It’s exciting to see this concept not only come to life, but also to see it becoming increasingly popular with players, advertisers and partners,” said Frank Maggio, founder of React, LLC, creators of the patented Super Squares platform. “We’ve taken advertising, which has traditionally been a distraction or interruption to people who would prefer to watch more content, and instead, we’ve flipped it to where the user is incentivized to watch a limited number of gamified commercials and then presenting a chance for them to earn money and prizes. That makes both the advertiser and the user happy, because our players are not only paying attention to the ads, but they actually want to see them, and prove they’ve paid attention, so they can earn more game show points.” 

In addition to playing for money and prizes available nationally, users in Minneapolis, and now the Milwaukee and Seattle markets, are able to compete for additional local prizes in each radio station partner’s official VIP SkyBox. These prizes are not promoted to other players outside of the market 

For example, KFAN is the official Super Squares radio partner in the Minneapolis  St. Paul market, and KFAN’s Paul Allen, the voice of the Minnesota Vikings, has had more than 1,000 fans play with and against him at one time in KFAN’s Skybox.  The highest scoring fan in the KFAN SkyBox can double their winnings if they also beat Allen’s tie-breaker points.  

React is also testing a novel approach to rewarding registered users for referring their friends to register and play. Called the “Buddy System,” players who recruit friends to join become their Buddy, and if the referred friend wins a national prize, the Buddy will win the same exact prize. Matching prizes apply to even the large prizes, such as a $20,000 credit towards a new vehicle, or a $100,000 annuity for scoring a Perfect Game. Hosts of partner radio stations are ideal candidates for being the Buddy to myriad new users.   

Keep in mind, this concept is not just for radio stations,” said Matt Birkformer NFL Super Bowl Champion and Commissioner of Pro and ePro Sports at React. “Buddies help friends to win, simply by having them sign up and play. Anyone who joins Super Squares and wins can say ‘thanks’ to their Buddy in the best way possible  a duplicate prize for their Buddy.  

According to Maggio, in only two weeks, participants from all 50 states have registered and played Super Squares thanks in part to the Buddy system and Birk’s efforts to expand Super Squares outside of the Minneapolis – St. Paul market.  

Beginning Thursday, and on all days where the NFL plays, fans in Milwaukee and Seattle can play Super Squares and simultaneously compete in local VIP SkyBoxes for bonus prizes, by downloading the app in the Apple App Store or Google Play. For more information, visit 

About React, LLC
Founded in 2012, React, LLC is an experiential advertising technology and entertainment company that thinks of “advertising as a sport™.” By adrenalizing advertising™, React excites audiences with rewarding, branded two-screen experiences during the most viewed and attended sporting and media events in the world. The company’s commitment to “respect, protect, and reward attention” honors user privacy by never selling or sharing personally identifiable information. Details about React can be found at https://react.netand Super Squares details are available at  

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