Fox13 Tampa Bay Live Sports Gameshow App

January 20, 2018

Super Squares™ was featured on Fox13 Tampa Bay by Haley Hinds, FOX 13 News.

In the article titled “Live sports gameshow app exclusive to Bay Area“, the article mentioned that even though Buccaneers fans don’t have a team still in the running, they can still have a lot to cheer for if the play Super Squares™ during the game.

Frank Maggio, a Pinellas County entrepreneur, and creator of Super Squares™ explained how the app “makes your cell phone part of the game. You can win cash, pizzas and even a car just for watching. And people in the Bay Area are getting first dibs. It’s being tested here exclusively, starting this Sunday.”

super squares app

Maggio explained that when a football game goes to a commercial break that people’s eyes move to their phones and that he wants to create a way for people to want to watch advertising by making it fun. People pay attention to the game and to ads from the sponsors and then they answer questions and earn points. There are a total of 22 questions over 3 hours and you earn squares based on getting the answers correct. Then, you watch the score of the game and if your square matches the game score you earn more points and advance up the leaderboard.

To see the full story and a video visit Fox13.

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