3 lessons from Super Bowl commercials for driving ad engagement year round

February 2, 2022

Once a year, they arrive. They’ve changed a lot over the decades — bigger budgets, more celebrities, unabashed virtue signaling — but always carry the same colossal expectations. And one Sunday a year, we all pay attention. But once the Super Bowl confetti is swept away, what can brands learn about keep consumers interested all year round? React chief exec Frank Maggio explains.

This year, every 30 seconds of ad time will cost as much as $6.5 million, and brands didn’t think twice about the price tag because for one night and at one time, they can reach more people than any other time of year. Even in 2021, when the Super Bowl had its smallest audience since 2007, with barely more than 90 million viewers, it was still the most-watched primetime telecast of the year, with more than double the viewers of second place (also an NFL game — the NFL claimed eight of the top 10 spots)…

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