Super Squares Players Win Big with Hugely Successful Launch

Broadway World presented Super Squares™ to their readers in the Geeks News Desk. Read the original article here.

Super Squares - 10 Grand Prize FinalistsPlayers of the revolutionary live game show app Super Squares™ won thousands of dollars, hundreds of Domino’s® pizzas, and one fan is taking home a new Nissan Altima from Fuccillo Nissan as part of a hugely successful beta test run that culminated in Sunday’s “Big Game.”

Over the last two months, React LLC launched Super Squares™ on Android and iPhone versions with the AFC Championship football game, followed by the Pro Bowl, and then the “Big Game” this last Sunday. Genesis Communications partnered with React, LLC on the contest. A full winner’s listing is at:

“This test demonstrated a revolutionary approach to engage people with live sports in a hugely fun way,” said React founder Frank Maggio. “We proved we can engage people who normally would skip TV commercials, and we now have a way to deliver real results for advertisers looking for alternative methods to reach their audiences.”

That approach won big for Richard Shockley of Palm Harbor, whose Perfect Super Square “Y” in the 3rd Quarter matched the 29-26 score. Shockley was selected as the winning entry for a new 2017 Nissan Altima from Fuccillo Nissan, announced live on Q105 and WQYK radio. Click here to listen to a live recording of Shockley receiving the news.

The article went on to highlight some of the success points of the recent beta test:

  • Nearly half of players were women, meaning advertisers have a huge opportunity to reach audiences that other channels neglect.
  • The vast majority of players stayed with the game, despite relatively lower TV ratings during the Pro Bowl, proving the game can create loyal followers.
  • Nearly all players who successfully start the app complete the game, proving they are highly engaged, even during a frantic environment such as the “Big Game.”

React plans to keep expanding the Super Squares™ system, and this autumn will support football games across the country, and add a wide variety of sports, such as basketball, hockey and even NASCAR.

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Super Squares to Feature Super Bowl Message the NFL Rejected

The Tampa Bay Times ran a story today called, “Game show app to feature Super Bowl message that NFL rejected”

The article, by Howard Altman, Times Staff Writer, interviewed a former Marine who offered his thoughts on the situation where the NFL chose to reject playing an ad by AMVETS, the nation’s most inclusive Congressionally-chartered veterans service organization that represents the interests of 20 million veterans.

After AMVETS was prevented from airing their ad by the NFL they decided to partner up with Supers Squares™ to get their message out during the Super Bowl. Super Squares™ is an innovative sports game app for your smartphone and you play the game live during football games. As part of the gaming experience, players watch ads from sponsors and then answer questions.

Here is an excerpt from the article in the Tampa Bay Times. You may view the entire article at

TAMPA — Former Marine David Shimkus calls it a “slap in the face to veterans” that the NFL rejected a bid to place an ad in the Super Bowl program asking fans to stand for the national anthem.

So as a senior executive with Largo-based media company React LLC, the former Marine firefighter offered an alternative way to get the message out: A smartphone app on a new sports-based game called Super Squares, where the object is to watch football, answer questions and win prizes.

“I knew that we had this awesome opportunity with the Super Squares app,” said Shimkus, 49, of Belleair Bluffs, whose company is testing the app. “We can put any kind of advertising we want. We are not beholden to anyone.”

Officials with Amvets, the veterans group pushing the ad, jumped at the opportunity.

“I think it is fantastic,” said Amvets spokesman John Hoellwarth.

Hoellwarth, also a Marine veteran, said the NFL deemed the organization’s print ad “too political.”

The ad is a response to players who have taken a knee during the national anthem, a practice begun during the 2016 season as a protest against what participants saw as police brutality against black people. Among those who took part were Tampa Bay Buccaneers receivers Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson.

Read the entire article here, “Game show app to feature Super Bowl message that NFL rejected“.


Super Squares™ App featured in Pittsburgh TRIB Live

AMVETS ‘Please Stand’ ad will run during Super Bowl LII, but on an app


The Super Squares™ live sports game app was featured in Pittsburg’s TRIB Live in an article by Patrick Varine about how the AMVETS ad which was rejected by the NFL will be shown to fans playing Super Squares™.

ThursdayFeb. 1, 2018, 2:57 p.m.

The AMVETS’ “Please Stand” advertisement, encouraging citizens to stand during the playing of the national anthem at sporting events, may have been rejected by the NFL for inclusion in the Super Bowl LII program.

But several million people will have a chance to see the ad campaign thanks to a partnership with a Florida-based technology company.

React is beta-testing its new “Super Squares” app, a free-to-play, live game-show app that operates during commercial breaks of live football games, quizzing users with questions about the football game they’re watching as well as the ads that run on the app.

Initially tested during the Jan. 21 NFC championship game and the Jan. 28 Pro Bowl, it will now be active during Super Bowl LII with $50,000 and a new car up for grabs as prizes.

“The real challenge in TV advertising is reaching viewers who skip or ignore ads,” said React founder Frank Maggio. “With smart phones in the hands of over 80 percent of TV viewers, it’s just too easy to look away during breaks. This game solves that problem by transforming advertising into a fun game where people win real prizes and brands get the engagement they crave.”

It also gives AMVETS a chance to get its message out to more than 4.2 million people.

“We thought it killed two birds with one stone,” Maggio said. “First, the software platform is really the only way to reach people with a commercial that’s not actually airing as part of the Super Bowl (broadcast). And the people on our staff feel it’s a valuable message to get out. It’s sort of our version of a (public-service announcement).”

The app’s reach is not nationwide because it awards cash prizes to participants, and Florida gaming regulations limit winners to a seven-county eligibility area.

The ad campaign is also available to view on the AMVETS national website.

Maggio said he respects the NFL’s right to choose its advertising partners and messages, but that “we’re equally honored to live in a country where organizations like AMVETS have the freedom to choose other mass media outlets to get their respectful apolitical message out. It is powerfully simple and inclusive.”

AMVETS’ 30-second “#PleaseStand” ad encourages citizens not just to rise for the country’s anthem, but also to engage in other civic pursuits such as voting and volunteering.

To see the entire article visit TRIB Live.

Fox13 Tampa Bay Live Sports Gameshow App

Super Squares™ was featured on Fox13 Tampa Bay by Haley Hinds, FOX 13 News.

In the article titled “Live sports gameshow app exclusive to Bay Area“, the article mentioned that even though Buccaneers fans don’t have a team still in the running, they can still have a lot to cheer for if the play Super Squares™ during the game.

Frank Maggio, a Pinellas County entrepreneur, and creator of Super Squares™ explained how the app “makes your cell phone part of the game. You can win cash, pizzas and even a car just for watching. And people in the Bay Area are getting first dibs. It’s being tested here exclusively, starting this Sunday.”

super squares app

Maggio explained that when a football game goes to a commercial break that people’s eyes move to their phones and that he wants to create a way for people to want to watch advertising by making it fun. People pay attention to the game and to ads from the sponsors and then they answer questions and earn points. There are a total of 22 questions over 3 hours and you earn squares based on getting the answers correct. Then, you watch the score of the game and if your square matches the game score you earn more points and advance up the leaderboard.

To see the full story and a video visit Fox13.

ABC Action News WFTS Tampa Bay Game Show App

Super Squares™ featured on ABC Action News WFTS Tampa Bay.

In an on air story by Julie Salomone, Super Squares™ was featured as an exciting new Game Show App that allows people watching football to win pizza, cash and cars.

Visit WFTS for full story and video highlights of the Super Squares™ app.


In the interview with Frank Maggio, the local entrepreneur and creator of  “Super Squares”, he explained that it’s a live game show app and it launched for the AFC Championship Playoff Game.

According to Maggio, “Live game shows are among the hottest trends in mobile apps right now,” The game is played on cell phones and it mimics football squares. Players follow a live football game and then answer questions. They are competing to win pizza, cash and even a car.

Maggio explained that “All you really have to do is pay attention. You don’t have to be a genius about football statistics, we’re introducing a new paradigm where sponsors and people can respect each other. People give them their attention, but they’re rewarded for doing it. I think that’s the future of advertising,”

Visit ABC Action News WFTS for the full story and video that shows highlights of the Super Squares™ app.

Super Squares™ Featured on NBC-2

Super Squares™ Live Game Show App Launching Exclusive Test with Cash, Prizes, and New Car, During Football Championship

Local Tampa tech firm cracks code to making advertising a fun game

This is an excerpt. Visit NBC-2 for the full article

TAMPA, Fla. (PRWEB) January 18, 2018

“Interactive advertising pioneer React is opening an exclusive beta test of the “Super Squares” live game show app that gives players real cash and prizes for answering live quiz questions about sports events, and the TV commercials that run during breaks inside the app. More than $50,000 in cash and prizes are on tap to be awarded over a three-weekend span, to up to 65,000 adult residents of the seven county greater Tampa Bay metropolitan region.

The patented technology was developed by long-time Tampa-area advertising innovator Frank Maggio, whose background includes inventing ReacTV®, the first live interactive game show for PC’s and smart phones synced to cable TV systems. Maggio’s passion for sports-related games date back to a windfall he claimed from an 1985 nationally publicized contest he solved, claiming over $20 million in prizes.

“The real challenge in TV advertising is reaching viewers who skip or ignore ads,” Maggio said. “With smart phones in the hands of over 80% of TV viewers, it’s just too easy to look away during breaks. This game solves that problem by transforming advertising into a fun game where people win real prizes and brands get the engagement they crave.”

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