Is It Macho?

Hint: If you have to ask, can it be macho?

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Being macho isn’t something you learn. It isn’t something you buy, or bribe, or fake.

Simply put – you’re either macho, or you’re not.

While being macho isn’t subject to popularity contests, sometimes culture changes so significantly, that the wisdom of the crowd is the deciding factor.

Do you have someone or something that THINKS it’s macho, but may actually NOT be macho? And would you like the crowd to weigh in, and, when a faux macho is uncovered, determine the penalty for being a poseur?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Read on, vote, and let your macho meter save all things macho for future generations.

SUBJECT: host (name withheld, but his initials are Jonathan Blevins).
INFRACTION:  PMS (Public Machismo Subversion) 
EXHIBITS:  See Below

Questionable attire & FuFu Drink selection
Bro pose with bare armpit to shoulder contact
(bro identity protected)
Where do we begin? ?