The Inaugural Blevins Brawl #1 Recap

September 27, 2020

Week III of Super Squares proved to be a fun and exciting event for all players! The Lions actually won…surprisingly! Meanwhile, the watch party on hosted by none other than our official host Jonathan Blevins was entertaining back and forth banter among the original 80’s Dave! Also guest appearances by Jonathan’s brothers, Invictus & @ninja. Shopping sprees, talking smack, and Peatos snacks. The night ended with a warm-hearted Lions song. Here take a look!

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Excited to Host the Denver /NYJ Game on Thursday!

Excited to Host the Denver /NYJ Game on Thursday!

Things are moving along fast here at Super Squares.  We have a new app update that let's you keep track of your Tie-Breakers all game long - try it on Thursday!  Here are details of the first of this week's games: We also launched our new merch shop - check it out!...