The first ever squares tournament tied to a Madden 21® football game

October 15, 2020

Hi There,

So – you think that because the NFL postponed tonight’s Thursday Night Football® game, that you’ll have to wait until Sunday to play America’s fastest-growing score-matching quiz show?

Think again!

The Super Squares® team is inviting the Chiefs and Bills to show up at the Twitch Lounge this evening – virtually, anyway – to play a simulated game on the Madden 21® game platform. Why not check us out at www.SuperSquares.TV?


You’ll have the best couch in the house, and join special streamer guest Action Jaxon, as you Check In, React, and Square Up™ to win the usual Football Thursday Night prizes. Over $240,000 in cash and prizes is up for grabs between September 10th and November 2nd, and tonight’s Madden 21® game is part of the tournament. The Beard and KFAN SkyBoxes will be open for this landmark event, so VIP’s with passcodes can win special prizes. (Hint – need a passcode? Watch the show on Twitch and you’ll be able to crash both Skyboxes!) We’re even giving away a rare John Madden lithograph, courtesy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, to the player logged into our Twitch channel and Bearded Blevin’s VIP SkyBox, who finishes with the highest Tie-breaker score.

This is your chance to figure out this whole “Twitch thing,” make history by participating in the first ever “squares” tournament tied to a Madden 21® football game, and get a chance to meet the people behind the Super Squares phenomenon!

If you’ve made other plans already, be sure to join us on Sunday and Monday night for our standard games, and also Sunday afternoon, when games featuring Minnesota, Detroit, and Green Bay will be featured. You can visit from your mobile device to get the latest update, or check the Upcoming and Current Games tab inside your Super Squares® app.

Looking forward to a big week in football, and a bigger week at Super Squares!

Team React

Creators of Super Squares®

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