Super Squares®, The Free-To-Play Football Squares App, Announces a $2.4M Prize Pool Throughout the NFL Playoffs

January 6, 2021

World’s First “Predicter Squares™” Game Is Proud To Offer The Largest Prize Pool of any Free-To-Play App, Including Two Never-Before Awarded Rivian Electric Adventure Vehicles

Tampa, FL (January 6, 2021): Today, Super Squares®, the live mobile game show that launches Advertising as a Sport™, announces the largest prize pool available for a free-to-play app. The $2.4 million prize pool, including a $2 million Perfect Game Jackpot, will be available to players from the December 10, 2020 start date, through the “Big Game” on February 7th, 2021. The Perfect Game Jackpot would award $1 million to a player who makes three correct game predictions and matches all four Super Squares® each quarter, with a matching $1 million to the “Buddy” who referred the winner to the Super Squares® app.  

Even if no player scores a Perfect Game, over $400,000 of prizes is up for grabs to players and their Buddies. The highest Final Score in the country on February 7th will win a to-be-delivered 2021 Rivian Electric Adventure Vehicle, valued at $80,000. In celebration of this year’s “Big Game”, Super Squares® is giving away 55 Bigger Game® Prizes, with a minimum value of $500 each, to the players with the 55 next highest scores.

“This NFL season has been different for the fans, and many are not able to comfortably gather in their favorite sports bars, or be together in person to enjoy the Super Bowl®,” said Frank Maggio CEO and founder of React, the company behind Super Squares®. “So we’ve created a way for friends to compete remotely, via our mobile app, by playing a modern version of the popular ‘football squares’ game.  Thanks in part to the brands that are featured in our app, being able to offer over $2.4 million in prizes makes me optimistic as we start off 2021.”

In addition to offering the largest prize pool of any free-to-play app, Maggio insisted that the price of entry would be free, and the players’ identity and data protected. “Many apps require you to give up valuable information and be subjected to aggressive sales tactics in order to play or win.  We only collect player data so we can provide brands with the demography of our players, and to prove you are 21 years of age or more, so we can award prizes. We don’t use or sell your information, so you won’t get a phone call from someone selling cars, time-shares or mortgages after you sign up for Super Squares®.”

The company’s proprietary “branded predictive squares” method and system was recently awarded its fourth U.S. patent, with several patents pending globally, setting the stage to grow across other sports later this year, domestically and internationally.  The free-to-play Super Squares® version is subsidized by category-exclusive brands who obtain heightened attention as part of the game play.  The recent patents allow for React to partner with leaders in the gaming industry interested in building wagering versions of the core game, which for the first time combines skill-based prediction with the popular chance elements of traditional squares games.

Matt Birk, React’s Commissioner of sports and former NFL player and Super Bowl® champion with the Baltimore Ravens, is directing the company’s efforts to partner with sport leagues, media groups, and national brands. With the addition of the new patents, React can also partner with online and traditional gaming companies, eventually creating what Birk refers to as the Predicter Squares industry.  

“Predicter Squares games like Super Squares® are more exciting and accessible to sports fans than fantasy football,” said Birk. “We predict the Predicter Squares industry will be three to five times larger than the mature Fantasy Football industry here in the U.S. Valuing Predicter Squares at close to a $50 billion industry when mature, with international versions potentially tripling its value.” Birk sees significant value in the IP that React has been able to create; “Imagine having been able to patent fantasy football before it became popular… now imagine patenting an industry three times larger.”

In December, when a winner had no Buddy, React, the company behind Super Squares®, set aside 50% of the cash value of unclaimed prizes to be donated to the Gridiron Greats, a 501c3 set up to provide grants and pro bono medical assistance to retired NFL players in dire need. The donation will be made at the annual Gridiron Greats dinner that precedes the Super Bowl® each year.

With Super Squares®, sports fans are incentivized to use their second screen devices, regarded by many as ‘tools of distraction,’ to instead become more engaged by watching a brand’s commercial, and then answering questions about it alongside the game they are watching. The app is free to download and play, and allows for an opportunity to win prizes while players are learning about brands, being entertained and rewarded, and competing with friends and players from across the country. During the broadcast, fans remain engaged with the incentive of winning money and prizes for matching their Super Square (a cluster of four  score combinations) to the score and comparing their three ‘Predicters’ to the ultimate outcomes. By the end of the game, Super Squares® and its partner brands know which ads work better, and which ads are fan favorites. To date, Super Squares® has awarded over $300,000 to more than 2,500 winners, including Buddies.

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