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Tell us a bit about yourself, so that we know you are a real person. You’ll only have to register once and we won’t share your details with anyone.  You’ll also be asked, “Who’s Your Buddy?”  If an EXISTING USER asked you to join, be sure to add their Screen Name or email address associated with their Screen Name (they’ll let you know!).  During specially promoted Game Shows and Tournaments, your Buddy could win prizes when YOU win.
Register to play Super Squares - Live Sports Game Quiz for Mobile Devices

Create Screen Name

Create a screen name and tell us where to send prizes when you win. Your screen name will show up on Leaderboards and possibly on national radio and TV broadcasts.  SO – please keep your Screen Name clean – don’t use your real name, and no profanity, not even cleverly hidden.  We WILL change your Screen Name by placing an asterisk (*) over letter that we deem create an inappropriate word or phrase.

Note:  React, LLC does not sell your information.  Check out our privacy policy to learn how we use and protect your data.

Super Squares - Live Sports Game Quiz for Mobile Devices | Register to play Super Squares

Check In to an Event

From a list of available sporting events, you’ll select all “Current” games you want to compete in.  Note: If more than one football game starts during the 1:00 PM ET or 4:00 PM ET hour, you’ll CHOOSE THE ONE YOU WANT TO PLAY.  If you are checking in at night, you may have a choice of “CLASSIC” or “WATCH PARTY” games.  CHOOSE ONE – If you plan on watching the WHOLE GAME LIVE, you can be eligible for one of 3 “TOP SCORE” Watch Party prizes while being engaged with Bonus Breaks and PowerPicks throughout the game.  If you DON’T plan on watching the game (in full, or at all!) just select the CLASSIC edition.

When you first join an event, you’re automatically placed in a Game Group of up to 24 players who are “Checking In” around the same time as you, across the country. These are players who you’ll be competing against all Game Show. YOU’LL WANT TO FINISH #1 – If you finish first in your Game Group, you’re a Game Group Winner and may be eligible for a valuable prize.

It’s that easy to join and get started!

Now, it’s time to play the Pre-game Break; don’t be late!

Remember – ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION to Sponsors’ Mobile TV commercials, logos, and even prize details – it’s PART OF THE GAME!

1. Predict

React to 3 Predicters about the upcoming game.  A Perfect Predicter will earn you up to 16.0000 points when the game is over. THe closer to Perfect, the closer to 16.0000 points.

2. React

React to the in-app Mobile TV commercials by RATING them 1, 2, or 3 stars within the 7 seconds allocated, to earn 1 Game Show point.  Be honest – let out Sponsors know your favorite ads by giving them 3 stars.  You’ll then REACT to Quiz Questions about each Game Break’s Sponsors. Earn 3 valuable Game Show points for being correct each time.

Super Squares - Live Sports Game Quiz for Mobile Devices | React to Sponsors Question

3. Square Up

 Square Up to receive your first randomly generated Super Square.  Once you’ve completed your Pre-Game Break, you’ll see YOUR first Super Square (bright orange) placed on the “grid” as well as the Perfect Super Square (in red) that reflects the current statistics of the event. Check out the “MY SCORE” button periodically to see ALL of your Quiz results, Super Squares and Predicters as they improve over the course of the game – it’s a blast!
Super Squares - Live Sports Game Quiz for Mobile Devices | Match a Score Combo to the football game score

Then… Watch the game – and leave on notifications.

To win the Perfect Game Jackpot, after Squaring Up in the Game Break, make sure you’ve collected at least 8 points from rating and Reacting to Sponsors. This will insure you’ll finish with at least 100 Final Game Show Points in the event all of your Super Squares and Predicters are Perfect.  There’s nothing else you need to do. 

BUT – if you want to earn more Points (and maximize your chance of winning your Game Group), look for the “React” button after checking in. Every time you React, you’ll be able to earn 1 point for Rating a Mobile TV commercial, and 3 points for correctly answering or responding to a quiz or offer.  If you’d like, also go ahead and check the app during the game, to review your Game Group Leaderboard, the score and even the game clock.  If you’ve created or joined a SkyBox, you’ll see tabs to enter and mingle with players who also joined.  And who can resist watching the “Perfect Super Square” move in the app, whenever there’s a score or major stat change? 

After you’ve collected the maximum Reaction points, all you REALLY need to do is to ENJOY THE GAME.  Plus, it conserves batteries, so feel free to put Super Squares® in the background.  As long as notifications are “on,” we’ll notify you when something needs your undivided attention. 


Here’s a look at what you’ll see after your Pre-game Break (football version):

At the end of each quarter/period, a new Super Square is placed on the Game Grid. If your app is open, you’ll see your Partial or Perfect Squares scored!

The App will award you 6 “Partial Super Square” Points if you match ONE of the home or away team’s last digit with your Super Square combos.  Match them BOTH, and you’ll earn 11 “Perfect Super Square” points.  After scoring your prior Super Square, the app automatically and randomly assigns you a new Super Square to be matched at the end of the next quarter/period.  (Hockey Fans – the 4th Super Square is assigned after the 3rd Period.  If there’s no Overtime, the App will quickly compare and score this 4th and final Super Square to the final Shots on Goal stat, just before announcing the final results!)

This process repeats itself automatically – you don’t HAVE to even have the app open to earn points – the Super Squares® app does the rest. It keeps track of your score, adds Bonus Points after Reacting, and reveals Square Combo points from the last quarter/period at the start of every new quarter/period, adding them to your Game Show point total. After the Game Show ends (even next morning!), you’ll see how you stack up against your Game Group and SkyBox rivals, and get a hint at how you’ve done nationally. Within 24 hours, Winners can see Game Show prize awards under the Winner’s List section of the App’s menu.  Winners are then notified by email to complete the validation process and claim their prize.

Ready to Predict, React and Square Up? Download the Android or Apple iOS version of the app now!

See Official Rules for details pertaining to each Super Squares Game Show and Tournament.  Prizes and rules will vary by sport and event.

A Deeper Dive

So, you want to become a Super Squares® savant, eh? We can’t blame you – there’s never been a game show as rewarding to play and win, and the key to winning is paying attention. That includes paying attention to this “DEEPER DIVE” section. Good choice!

There are generally three ways to earn and post points with Super Squares®

(A) Score Combo points from matching Partial (6 total points) or Perfect (11 total points) Super Square combos,

(B) REACT to requests to RATE commercials (1 point per rating, regardless if 1, 2, or 3 stars), and to QUIZ Question points (3 points for each correct answer), and

(C) Up to 3 PREDICTERS (maximum 16.0000 per Predicter Question).

AFTER the event officially begins, you’ll typically be able to earn between 8 to 40 Reactive Experience (RXP) points from extra REACTIONS about our sponsors.  These RXP points are added to your game show score to arrive at your FINAL Score.

Lastly, during specially marked “Watch Party” events on www.SuperSquares.TV, or in sync with our TV broadcast partners, you’ll be alerted to play BONUS BREAK quizzes and polls related to what’s taking place in the broadcast of the game, and even POWERPICK predictions where you can wager up to 3 of your Game Show points (and double or triple the points if correct) on what’s about to take place in the game you’re watching.

Here’s what you need to know about each, to really master Super Squares®:

Attention – The Key to Earning Game Show Points

Each Pre-game Break, and whenever you take advantage of tapping the React Button for Bonus Points after the event starts, you will be asked to rate each Mobile TV commercial to earn 1 Game Show Point, and then you’ll be served Quiz Questions about the Sponsor’s ads inside of the Super Squares® App. You will claim 3 Game Show Point for every correct answer you select in less than 20 seconds.

To see how many Game Show Points you’ve earned from ratings, check out the “My Score” section.  8 points await players who have perfectly reacted and rated during the Pre-game Break, and 4 points during each RXP sessions afterwards.

Matching Super Squares to Game Stats (Scores, Shots on Goal, etc.):

If you’ve played football squares on paper, you already understand how to match a Score Combo to the football game score. But just in case, let’s recap:  A Score Combo consists of two digits (like 3,2), which you will compare to the last digit of the score of each team. The “left digit” corresponds to the team on the left, and the “right digit” to the team on the right.

So, in an instance where the score is Away Team 13, Home Team 12, the perfect Score Combo is 3,2 (which is one of the four Score Combos within Super Square “H”):

In the example above, you control Super Square D, with 4 Score Combos 3,0 3,5 8,0 and 8,5. You’ll notice that 2 of your 4 Score Combo squares with a “9” are raised and have stars – this indicates that as of right now, your Super Square J has 2 Score Combos that are partially correct. Why is that important? Because each “Partial” Super Square (containing 2 partially correct stats) earns 6 Points, and a “Perfect” Super Square (containing 2 partially correct and 1 perfect combo) earns 11 Points.


1) The “STAT” used during FOOTBALL games to match Super Square combos is the AWAY and HOME team SCORES.  However, for other sports with LOW SCORES or NO SCORE AT ALL (like auto racing), other Stats are used.  For hockey, for example, Shots on Goal (or SOG’s) are used instead of the score. 

2) Stats like Shots on Goal can be subjective, and Super Squares reflects the statistics provided by SportRadar, the world leader in live sport statistics. On occasion, stats may be overturned later in the game, or even after the event, by our statistics provider, game, or league officials.  Please be advised that Super Squares will NOT alter the Super Square combinations awarded once a Super Square score has been finalized in the app. 

(How do you EARN all possible Game Show Points from Partial or Perfect Super Square Combos? 

Easy – The app will auto-score each partial and perfect Super Square all game long, even if you’ve closed the app!

(Game Tip: In fact, 9 out of 25 Super Squares™ – over 30% – contain 2 Partial Score Combos, with 6 Game Show Points, at any given time. And, 1 out of 25 Super Squares™ – 4% – contain the Perfect Score Combo plus 2 Partial Score Combos, worth up to 11 Game Show Points. A Partial or Perfect Super Square can dramatically change your Super Squares® Game Show score.)

Predicters – Big points, big difference

Checking in before the game starts doesn’t just insure you’re “in the game” before the Pre-game Break window closes, it also means you’ll be able to claim points from predicting the outcome of the game. The Predicters you submit on time can earn up to 48.0000 Game Show points – which you will see when you post your Final Game Show Score at the end of the game.

The three Predicter Questions you will be asked before every game are generally the same for each sport, so do your homework, and be prepared to predict the FINAL SCORE, the TEAM and TOTAL with the most passing yards (after deducting sacks), and the total combined offensive yards for BOTH teams during a FOOTBALL version. For hockey, the Predicters will relate to the final score, final Shots on Goal for both teams, and predicting the time and team of the skater (which excludes goalies) with the most total time on ice that game. (Classic games may present different Predicter questions that may include events in the repeat broadcast, and even predictions as to the players of the Game Show).

Predicter Points are based upon your “Percentile Rank” when compared to the eventual outcome of the event. Percentile Ranks for each Predicter Question are based on a proprietary algorithm that increases your score the closer you are to the correct final result.

Why do we break Predicters down to 4 decimal points?  With thousands or even millions of players in the game, just a fraction of a point can and usually does make the difference in Super Squares®.

To track your Predicter Points, check the app any time during the game. Remember to Check-In after the game is over, where your final Percentile Rank is revealed.  You WILL still receive Predicter Points (and all points) even if you do NOT Check In.

Lastly, here are some details on how the Percentile Ranks work:

When ranking predictions tied to the final score, the number of points away from the actual score for each team are added together. For example, if the prediction is Home 21, Away 18, and the actual result is Home 27, Away 14, the prediction would have missed the correct outcome by 6 + 4 = 10 points.

When ranking predictions that require a selection of one of two teams, as well as a number of points or yards, all predictions that select the wrong team will score zero (0) Predicter points. Only Predicters that select the correct team(s) are eligible to be ranked and to receive points. For example, if the prediction is that the Home team will have the most passing yards, predicting 234 yards, and instead, the Away team posts the most passing yards, for 224 yards, the Player will receive no Predicter Points for that prediction, despite having missed by only 4 yards. (Note: If both teams have the identical total, both team selections will be correct).

The most Predicter Points that can be earned in a single game is 48.0000.

Check FINAL RESULTS to Reveal your Final Score

For maximum excitement, be sure to Check In during and after the game; you’ll get to see how your Predicters compared to perfection, as well as the final outcome of your 4 Super Squares and all quizzes and ratings.

NOTE:  If a football game goes into overtime, the game show will not conclude until the official end of the event. However, Super Squares are only awarded at the START of a quarter, and NOT at the start of overtime.

 Super Squares® Super Tips:

  • Wear earbuds or headphones. Our host, game announcers, and advertisers all have something to say. You’ll want to hear it – but your friends might not! If you’re competing in a crowd, be smart – and courteous.
  • Check In, Predict, React and Square Up before the event starts. You’ll usually have from midnight (or before) to the start of the event to Check In. Do it. Your 3 Predicters MUST be on the books before or soon after the game starts or your Predicters won’t count.
  • Pay attention to what’s important. Our Sponsor’s commercials may seem to be full of info. Relax – as long as you’re paying attention, the answers won’t be too hard to recall!
  • REACT after the Pre-Game Break is over – but do it on YOUR time! You don’t have to watch the whole game to maximize your points – the REACT button will provide you with from 4 to 10 chances to RATE and REACT with our Sponsors, and will quickly help you amass from 16 to 40 BONUS points.  Just RATE and REACT before the game ends to cash in – who would have thought commercials could be so rewarding!?
  • Don’t sweat the Score Combos. Tracking the 4 Score Combo’s inside your Super Square takes getting used to – but the game does it for you. Relax!