1. What is Super Squares™?

Super Squares™ is a live game show for smart phones, combining a TV quiz show with the football squares game played by millions at office pools and parties.  Super Squares™ is the game show you play when the game you’re watching takes a break.  Add points to your leaderboard each Game Break, to win prizes, cash and even a new car over the course of a tournament. 

2. What do I pay for the app, or to play?

The app is free and the Game Shows are free, too!  All you pay… is ATTENTION.

3. These prizes are huge – what’s the catch?

Our Sponsors fund a significant portion of the prizes.  Our patented method, and transparent business model, is the key to why we’re different, and how we can afford such massive prizes:  YOUR PROVEN ATTENTION is the currency of a new world of rewarding advertising.  And you deserve to be rewarded for engaging.  It’s a Win-Win situation.

4. What do you mean by “Beta” Tournament?

As we continue to refine our live game show app, and add new sports, we are rolling out beta versions of our app.  We may want to limit the number of users, and get your feedback (and patience) as we tweak, grow, and create a superior experience. So, you’ll see us label game shows as “beta games.”  But with ALL Super Squares game shows, you can always win real prizes for playing.

5. It’s been a while – when will live Game Shows return?

We are almost done building our national platform, just in time for the 2020 football season kickoff.  You’ll be kept posted on our progress, and you may even be invited to test out other formats of Super Squares™ – so DON’T DELETE THE APP!

6. This is great – but I like other sports.  Will you support more than football in the future?

You must be psychic.  Yes, our patented Super Squares™ system has applications for ALL types of sports.  As long as there are scores, player numbers, and stats, there’s a way to play Super Squares™ – we’ve even got versions for cricket!  Look for hockey, then racing, basketball and baseball versions in the next 12-18 months.

7. Why do you need my mobile number and email address?

We award real prizes, and need to avoid bots, and other malicious ways people try to game the system.  We also need to reach you when you win, so email and phone numbers are the best ways to go.  We do NOT sell or share this data unless it is to connect you with a sponsor to fulfill a prize or offer you’ve requested.  See our Privacy Policy for details.

8. How will you contact me if I’ve won?

After every Game Show, you’ll be emailed with a link to the Official Final Leaderboard, and a secure location on our servers where you can validate your entry and claim any prizes you may have won.  Heck, we may even email, text or call you during a Game Show to give you something unexpected – including 15 minutes of fame!  Grand Prizes are awarded after we contact you directly.  For all prizes over $600, special rules will apply.

9. Should I tell my friends?

Absolutely.  The more that play, the more we give away – and the more likely big brands and media companies will want to join Team React and expedite our plans for global sports game show domination.  Look for special “Refer a Friend” promotions coming in the future.

Game Play

1. I want to learn more about how to play.  Where are the rules?

The Super Squares™ web site has in-depth section on how to play.  If you need more, you can check out the Official Rules, which will vary by sport, tournament and time of year.

2. Just give me the elevator pitch – what do I need to know to “Watch, React and Win™?”

It’s easier to play Super Squares™ than it is to explain it – but here it goes:

Get the app, register, and CHECK IN before kickoff.  You’ll be placed in a 25 player Game Group.  Then, just pay attention to the game, and the Sponsors’ advertisements in the app, to do well when you REACT to our Quizzes.  Then, SQUARE UP to receive a new Super Square to be scored (along with this Game Break’s quiz) next Game Break.

Next Game Break, CHECK IN to reveal last Game Break’s points, then REACT and SQUARE UP again.

The highest scoring Game Group winners at the end of the final Game Break win cash and prizes.

3. I don’t have a Super Square showing between Game Breaks, and I don’t see the points I thought I would earn from the last game break! What happened?

In order to claim points from any Game Break, whether from quizzes or matching Super Squares, you MUST Check In during the next Game Break, or you will forfeit all your points from the prior Game Break.  Also – you won’t receive a new Super Square to match next Game Break!  So – don’t miss a Game Break, and don’t stop a Game Break in the middle, either.  If you take a phone call that lasts too long, the 2-5 minute Check In window may close, and you’ll be out of luck.

4. I never seem to get a Perfect Super Square.  Are you sure they are randomly generated?

Super Squares™ are evenly and randomly distributed to all people within a Game Group.  In the long run, you have a 1 in 25 chance of claiming a Super Square – so stick with it, it may take several games before you see that elusive Perfect Super Square.  By the way – you have about a 1 in 3 chance of claiming a Partial Super Square, and they add points quickly, too!

5. Where are my buddies?  I’d like to play against them in my Game Group.

Game Groups are created immediately and automatically when you join a Game Show.  If your friends join at the same exact time, there’s a chance one or more may be in your Game Group.  But to reduce collaboration (and increase competition), we don’t pair you with your buddies in Game Groups.  BUT – check out our private “Sky Boxes.”  Invite your friends, share your Sky Box name and password, and knock yourselves out!

6. There’s a lot of sports to watch – what should I focus on?

Just like watching our ads, relax and focus on what’s important.  Major events, plays, disputes, records, penalties, scoring results – you know, the stuff that draws you to sports in the first place.  We WON’T ask silly questions about minutiae – like “What color T-shirt did Jimbo Walker wear on the sidelines?” Think “Big Picture” and you’ll do fine.

7. I swear I answered a question correctly – but I think the app says it was wrong.  What can I do?

We don’t reveal specific answers in the Game Breaks, so perhaps you did get the answer correct, but got another question incorrect.  Either way, decisions are final, and in the rare event we do make a mistake, we sincerely do apologize.  We scrub all of our questions carefully and try hard not to make mistakes – but they may happen.


1. Can I change my Screen Name, or my personal settings?

Currently, Screen Names must be unique, clean, and unchanging.  We currently also do not support changing any of your personal details.  Enabling Reacters to modify some of their personal settings is a feature we plan to launch in 2020.

2. Somebody changed my Screen Name!  Why?

It could have been us – perhaps your Screen Name was deemed to be profane, confusing, or used a trademark of another company?  We reserve the right to modify Screen Names in such an event.  If you want a new one, why not drop us a note in the Contact Us section, and we’ll see if we can try again.

3. Can I start a Game Show late – I missed the first quarter?

Yes.  While you do reduce your chance of winning a Game Show (and lose the ability for Tie Breaker points) when you Check In late or miss a Game Break, you’re still eligible for Perfect Super Square entries every completed Game Break.  And, a quick run of 2-3 Partial or Perfect Super Squares can certainly happen, and when it does, you could win big.  As they say, “Better late than never!”

4. The app might be draining my battery – what should I do?

Don’t feel like you have to leave Super Squares™ open all of the time – the app will notify you when to Check In, so LEAVE ON NOTIFICATIONS.  Keep a charger nearby, or, put the Game Show screen in the background.  Your device will alert you when it’s time to Check In, React, and Square Up.

5. What’s the state bird of Rhode Island?

You must be in the wrong FAQ section.  Super Squares™ doesn’t ask trivial questions – and our prizes aren’t trivial, either!  (By the way – it’s the Rhode Island Red.)

6. I’d like to contact you.  Can I stop over?

We’re happy to speak with players, the press, investors, brands, and just about anybody.  Just visit the Contact Us section, and tell us what you need.  We will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.