How do I play?

It’s fun and easy to play Super Squares™!

  1. Check In pre-game, and then every Game Break when notified. Match your Super Square to the score for valuable Game Show points.
  2. React to rate ads, Quiz Questions about the football game, & our TV Commercial Sponsors.
  3. Square Up with a new Super Square for points next Break.

Check In, React & Square Up each Game Break until the game is over. Then check the Leaderboard –  top scoring Game Group winners and Perfect Super Squares are eligible for prizes!

Want to become an expert? Check the Play Book!

What Can I Win?

Super Squares™ awards prizes every game show, funded in part by our Sponsors. Game Shows are in sync with major sporting events, often over a series of games, called a “Tournament.”

Every Game Show awards prizes to the top Game Group Winners in the country. And every Perfect Super Square you claim and Game Group you win earns an entry to the Event or Tournament Grand Prize.

Past events have awarded tens of thousands of dollars, free prizes, and a brand new car. For details of Past Winners check the Winner’s Page (below).

Check the App for upcoming games and prizes, starting Fall 2020.