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Sneak Peek of Super Squares™!

It’s fun and easy to play Super Squares™!

  1. Download the Super Squares™ App & register once
  2. Play Super Squares™ while watching or listening to LIVE sports
    • Check the app’s “Upcoming Games” section to see when to play
  3. Check In pre-game, and then every Game Break when notified
    • Compare your Super Square to the score (or SOG for hockey)
  4. React to Quiz Questions about the game, and our Sponsors
  5. Square Up and earn a new Super Square

Then, Check In, React & Square Up each Game Break until the game is over.
Finally, check the Leaderboard – Game Group winners are eligible for prizes!

Download the Super Squares™ App to
play & win while watching football games!

Google Play Store - Download the Super Squares App
Apple Store - Coming Soon

Want more details so you can master the game?

What is Super Squares™?

Super Squares™ combines the action of a TV quiz show, with the “football squares” score-matching game played by millions at parties and office pools each year.  It’s free to play, and your attention to the football game, and the Sponsors’ ads and messages inside each Game Break, are the keys to unlocking points and winning massive prizes.

The best way to learn is to learn while playing, but here’s the basics:

Tell us a bit about yourself, so that we know you are a real person.

You’ll only have to register once and we won’t share your details with anyone.

Register to play Super Squares

Create a screen name and tell us where to send prizes when you win. Your screen name will show up on Leaderboards.
Please keep your Screen Name clean – don’t use your real name, and no profanity, not even cleverly hidden.

Note:  React, LLC does not sell your information.  Check out our privacy policy to learn how we use and protect your data.

Register to play Super Squares

From a list of available pro games, you’ll select a “Current” game.

You’re automatically placed in a Game Group of up to 24 others who are “Checking In” around the same time.

These are players who you’ll be competing against all Game Show.

If you finish first in your Game Group, you win a valuable prize.

It’s that easy to join!

Now, it’s time to start your first of seven Game Breaks.

Remember – ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION to the game and to the Sponsors’ advertisements, logos, and even prize details.

Predict the outcome of the football game (3 Predictions)

Predict the outcome of the football game

React to Quiz Questions about this Game Break’s Sponsors

React to Super Squares Quiz

Square Up to receive your first randomly generated Super Square

Square Up to receive your first randomly generated Super Square

Then… Watch the game – and leave on notifications.

In between Game Breaks, all you really need to do is pay attention to the football game.  Sure, you can open Super Squares™ to check your Game Group Leaderboard, the score and even the game clock.  And who can resist watching the “Perfect Super Square” move in the app, whenever there’s a score?  But all you REALLY need to do is to ENJOY THE FOOTBALL GAME.  Plus, it conserves batteries, so feel free to put Super Squares™ in the background.  As long as notifications are “on,” we’ll notify you when to Check-In to re-enter the Game Show.

Here’s a look at what you’ll see in between Game Breaks:

What you’ll see in between Game Breaks

At the end of each quarter and 2:00 minute warning, there’s a new Game Break.  Enter the Game Show within 2* minutes to:

Check-in to reveal your Quiz results, compare your Super Square to the actual score, and post your points to the Leaderboard.

3) Check-in to reveal your Quiz results

React to Quiz Questions about this Game Break’s Sponsors, and football gam action from the just-concluded quarter

React to Sponsors React to Sponsors

Square Up to receive your next randomly generated Super Square

Square Up to receive your next randomly generated Super Square

That’s it – the Super Squares™ App does the rest.  It keeps track of your score, notifies you when to check in, and reveals your Quiz Results and Square Combo points at the start of every Game Break.  After the Game Show ends, you’re notified when the unofficial results are in, and directs you to your Prize Vault to see your results, and claim your prizes.

Ready to watch, react and win? Download the Android or Apple iOS version of the app now!

*Check-in periods at the end of quarters may be extended to 5 minutes, but to be safe, you’ll want to Check-In as soon as you can

See Official Rules

A Deeper Dive

So, you want to become a Super Squares™ savant, eh?  We can’t blame you – there’s never been a game show as rewarding to play and win, and the key to winning is paying attention.  That includes paying attention to this “DEEPER DIVE” section.  Good choice!

There are three ways to earn and post points with Super Squares™:  Score Combo points (up to 78), Quiz Question points (up to 22), and up to 3 Tie-Breaker Points.  A Perfect Final Game Show Score (before applying Tie-Breakers) is 100 points; 103 with perfect Tie Breakers.

Here’s what you need to know about each, to really master Super Squares™:

Attention – The Key to Earning Game Show Points

Since Super Squares™ are assigned at random, Lady Luck certainly plays a part in Super Squares™.  But without paying attention, and then Checking In during the next Game Break, you may actually earn NO Game Show Points from your Super Square!  Because it’s all about REACTING to prove you’ve paid attention.

Each Game Break, you will be asked 2 Quiz Questions about the Sponsor’s ads inside of the Super Squares™ App.  You will claim 1 Game Show Point for every correct answer you select in less than 20 seconds.  Game Breaks at the end of a quarter (or end of game) also contain 2 Quiz Questions about the preceding quarter’s most important plays, scoring, and game stats.  So, you can earn 22 Game Show Points over the entire Game Show.

To see how many Quiz Questions were answered correctly, and to earn the points, you MUST Check-In during the next Game Break; otherwise, you will forfeit them.  Gone.  Bye Bye.

PLUS – a “PERFECT” Game Break Quiz unlocks ALL your possible Score Combo Points. Otherwise, you’ll only unlock your single HIGHEST Score Combo Points (see below).  And if you fail your Quiz (no questions correct) – or fail to Check-In – you’ll forfeit all of your Score Combo points as well.

Perfect Super Squares Quiz Score

So – a PERFECT SUPER SQUARE requires that you a) claim the Super Square containing the Perfect Score Combo – AND – b) scoring a perfect Quiz during the prior Game Break.

Matching Super Squares™ to Game Scores:

If you’ve played football squares on paper, you already understand how to match a Score Combo to the football game score.  But just in case, let’s recap:  A Score Combo consists of two digits (like 0,9), which you will compare to the last digit of the score of each team.  The “left digit” corresponds to the team on the left, and the “right digit” to the team on the right.

So, in this example, where the score is Left Team 3, Right Team 9, the perfect Score Combo is 3,9 (which is one of the four Score Combos within Super Square “S”):

Match a Score Combo to the football game score

In the example above, you control Super Square J, with 4 Score Combos 5,4 5,9, 0,4 and 0,9.  You’ll notice that 2 of your 4 Score Combo squares with a “9” are raised – this indicates that as of right now, your Super Square J has 2 Score Combos that are partially correct.   Why is that important?  Because a “Partial” Score Combo can earn 3 Game Show Points.  Plus, a Perfect Score Combo may earn 7 Game Show Points.

To illustrate further, let’s assume the score at the end of the quarter is 10 – 9.  Now, your Super Square J contains the Perfect Score Combo – as well as two Partial Square Combos:

Perfect Score Combo and two Partial Square Combos

How do you EARN all possible Game Show Points from a Partial or Perfect Score Combos?  By having scored perfectly during the last Game Break.  If you answer all Quiz Questions correctly, you will earn ALL points from your Super Square.  If one or more Quiz Questions were answered incorrectly, you’ll earn Points associated from your highest scoring Score Combo only – but not ALL Score Combos.  And – if you answer ALL Quiz Question incorrectly (or you fail to Check-In), you’ll forfeit any Score Combo Points (as well as any Quiz Question Points).

(Game Tip:  In fact, 9 out of 25 Super Squares™ – over 30% – contain 2 Partial Score Combos, with 6 Game Show Points, at any given time.  And, 1 out of 25 Super Squares™ – 4% – always contains the Perfect Score Combo plus 2 Partial Score Combos, worth up to 13 Game Show Points.  A Partial or Perfect Super Square can dramatically change your Super Squares™ Game Show score, so KEEP PLAYING!)

Tie-Breaker Predictions – Small points, big difference

Checking In before kickoff doesn’t just ensure you’re “in the game” before the first Game Break window closes, it also means you’ll be able to claim points from predicting the outcome of the game.  The predictions you make before kickoff can earn up to 3 important Game Show points – IF you Check-In and post your Final Game Show Score at the end of the game.

3 points doesn’t sound like a lot, but with thousands of players in the game, even a fraction of a point can and usually does make the difference in Super Squares™.

The three Prediction Questions you will be asked before every football game are:

Prediction Questions you will be asked before every football game

Tie-Breaker Points are based upon your “Percentile Rank” when compared to all other valid Tie-Breaker Predictions submitted prior to kickoff – based on the eventual outcome of the Football Game.  For example, if your Percentile Rank for Tie-Breaker Question #1 is among the top 76.53% of responses, you will earn 0.7653 Tie-Breaker Points.

Tie-Breaker points end in 4 digits after the decimal point.  They make only a fraction of a difference – literally – but that fraction is often where Overall Leaderboard prizes are determined.

To claim and post your Tie-Breaker Points, remember to Check-in during the final Game Break, where your Percentile Rank is revealed.

Lastly, here are some details on how the Percentile Ranks work:

When ranking predictions tied to the final score of a Football Game, the number of points away from the actual score for each team are added together.  For example, if the prediction is Home 21, Away 18, and the actual result is Home 27, Away 14, the prediction would have missed the correct outcome by 6 + 4 = 10 points.

When ranking predictions that require a selection of one of two teams, as well as a number of points or yards, all predictions that select the wrong team will score zero (0) Tie-Breaker points.  Only predictions that select the correct team(s) are eligible to be ranked and to receive points.  For example, if the prediction is that the Home team will have the longest kick return, predicting 34 yards, and instead, the Away team returns the longest kick, for 30 yards, the Participant will receive no Tie-Breaker Points, despite having missed the return yards by only 4.  (Note:  If both teams have the identical distance, both team selections will be correct).

The most Tie-Breaker Points that can be earned is 3.0000.

Close Out Your Game Show to Post a Score

You’ve reached the one yard line – Checking In early, and every Game Break.  But to score, you need to finish the game, and post your Final Game Show Score.

Be sure to Check-In during the Final Game Break, to make your Game Show Score official. Sure, any prizes won from matching a Perfect Super Square in a Game break remain yours.  But to make your Game Show Score official, and to win Leaderboard prizes, you’ll need to Check-In during the Final Game Break.

Super Squares™ Super Tips:

  • Wear earbuds or headphones. Our host, game announcers, and advertisers all have something to say. You’ll want to hear it – but your friends might not! If you’re competing in a crowd, be smart – and courteous.

  • Check-In and Square Up before Kickoff. You’ll usually have a day to Check-in before kickoff.  Do it.  Your 3 Tie Breaker Predictions MUST be on the books before that football is in play – or your Predictions won’t count.

  • Check-In. Every time and on-time. Starting to see a pattern here? You play quizzes and “claim” Super Squares™ in one Game Break, but you need to Check-In next Game Break to earn them and post them.

  • Pay attention to what’s important. There’s a lot to watch in a football game and our Sponsor’s commercials may seem to be full of info, too.  Relax – as long as you’re paying attention, the answers won’t be hard to remember!

  • Don’t sweat the Score Combos. Tracking the 4 Score Combo’s inside your Super Square takes getting used to – but the game does it for you.

  • Don’t quit – even if you start late. Missing a Game Break may hurt your score, but a Perfect Super Square (and 15-17 points) may be one Game Break away. You can join a Game Show late, and even miss a Check-In or two, and still win!

  • Post your Final Score. It’s like getting to the one yard line and then taking a nap.  Not a good idea.  Cross the goal line, and make your Game Show Score “official” by Checking In during the final Game Break.

See our Frequently Asked Questions for more details!