Halftime Shows

Good Time at Half-Time

Remember when, in the middle of every pro-football game, there was a half-time show? Well… we’re BAAACCKKKK!  During most Super Squares® halftimes, fans get a backstage pass to live performances. Virtual performances give artists a platform to engage with our community and share their talent across the nation. Join us on SuperSquares.TV for a Good Time at Half-Time Show you won’t want to miss!

I’m an Artist, Band or Act

Great, we’d love to work with you! Here’s how you can book a show. Follow us on twitter.com/supersquareshq, wait for us to post a casting call and respond accordingly. It’s that simple. If you’re looking to book in advance, please DM us on Twitter.

Steps to Success

Each Good Time at Half-Time Show is only 12-15min. long enough for 2-3 songs and is streamed virtually through either Zoom or Discord. Here are some tips to ensure quality performance.

    • Use a quality camera and microphone if possible.
    • Create a visually appealing background.
    • Ensure the camera captures your face and instrument in one shot.
    • Use the time between songs to share a story, explain your next song, or just chat with Beard and 80’s Dave. It’s your style!
    • Keep it clean. Obviously, no profanity or explicit content. This is meant to be fun and family-friendly.
    • Run a test and practice to see how how the result will look and feel.
    • Be prepared, show up early, and watch the stream. Football games can run longer or shorter than the projected halftime.
    • Have your call to actions ready (website, social channels, merch, Venmo or Paypal, where can people find your music, accept tips). We want to help promote you, so make it easy!