Super Squares

Over $520,225 in prize value already given away!

“Enjoy playing this free squares game on football Sundays. Great family program.”

-Z. Snyder

“This app is great! Just show up before the game and react after the first quarter starts. Easy stuff. So much fun and so little stress. And it’s FREE. Thanks guys!”


If you’re not playing Super Squares yet, what are you doing? This game is amazing! Win if your team loses, day is so much better than! Watching other teams, this makes it exciting! Love it!

-Brittany B

Super Squares is the best thing to happen to football since the helmet.

-Joe H

React’s Super Squares is awesome! My wife and her friends are now discussing the next NFL game. Super Squares, the game within the game, has absolutely enhanced my NFL experience. It’s a family event now.

-Justin C

Killed it!! Game Show was super engaging!

-Daks D.