Super Squares® Takes Sports Prediction and Squares to a New Level With Super Squares® Hockey Edition

Live mobile game show app soft launched a seven-week hockey pilot last night, starting with the nationally televised Minnesota Wild and Anaheim Ducks game

Tampa, FL (Businesswire) March 23, 2021

Today, Super Squares®, the live mobile game show that launches Advertising as a Sport™, announces it will be trading the football field for the ice rink, unveiling its hockey pilot for the NHL’s passionate fans. Super Squares® Hockey Edition officially debuted during last night’s game between the Minnesota Wild and Anaheim Ducks, and over the next seven weeks, will be delivering a Total Content Experience™ to hockey fans nationwide. The hockey edition of Super Squares® is believed to be the first ever squares game for hockey, with players earning points for matching each team’s Shots On Goal at the end of each period of play. The free-to-play app will unveil new game features that allow players to get even more involved in the action by using second screens to predict, react, and square up over the course of a full match.


Last Fall, Super Squares® enabled tens of thousands of football fans to experience an exciting, new second screen experience that allowed them, and the brands that make this all possible, to become part of the game. In addition to the novel gameplay that players loved during the NFL season, including the pre-game predictions and reactive quizzes, Super Squares® will be introducing new On-Demand “Bonus Break” questions that will be asked at any point during the game. These real-time questions will debut in early April, and may include sports and brand trivia questions about the current game, the team, the players, or Sponsors, and are designed to help broadcast partners keep fans more fully engaged – even during intermissions.

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Menomonie man wins big money off of Super Bowl predictions

Super Squares® Grand Prize Winner from Super Bowl Tells His Story

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU), March 19, 2021

Super Bowl 55 was over a month ago now, but Tom Brady and the Buccaneers were not the only big winners from the game.

“I’ve been a part of sports for a long time and fantasy sports have been one of my favorite side hobbies,” said Steven Van Voorhis, a college student, living in Menomonie.

Van Voorhis works as the general manager at Menomonie 7 Theater.

Out of curiosity, he downloaded a new app – Super Squares, advertised as free chances to win money for making predictions.

“I played for the AFC Championship game and I didn’t do too well.”

So, Van Voorhis gave it another go, by simply opening up the app before kickoff on Super Bowl Sunday and giving it his best shot.

“The questions I was asked was what the final score was going to be how many receiving yards both teams would have and which team would have the highest amount of receiving yards.”

Van Voorhis says he didn’t think much of it afterwards and didn’t have much confidence in his chances either, “I was just doing it for fun, it was just a little thing on the side.”

Until a few weeks later, “I got a phone call … a random number called me. They left me a message and said hey it’s Super Squares call me back we have some news for you!”

The college student was merely 10 yards off on his receiving yards prediction, landing him the jackpot prize; $50,000 that he plans to use to pay off his student loans!

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Ding ding ding … we have a winner!: Van Voorhis wins truck with Super Bowl prediction

Fergus Falls graduate Steven Van Voorhis won a new Rivian, an electric truck, through the Super Squares application making predictions for this year’s Super Bowl.

Fergus Falls, MN, Feb 23, 2021

2015 graduate of Fergus Falls’s Kennedy Secondary School and current M State student, Steven Van Voorhis was in for the surprise of his life when his Super Bowl predictions on the Super Squares application (app) resulted in being the grand prize winner of a brand new Rivian — a new electric truck on the market.

Van Voorhis ventured away from Fergus Falls when he was offered a job promotion, taking him from the local Westridge Theater to Wisconsin’s Menomonie 7 Theatre as the general manager. Both movie theaters are owned by CEC Theatres. He was also involved in local baseball programs.

He first learned of the Super Squares app while listening to Paul Allen on the radio. The free app uses a point system, generating scores based on advertisement engagement and predictions for various NFL games. In the case of Van Voorhis, it was the Super Bowl.

“I opened the Super Squares application a day before the Super Bowl and made my guesses.  On Super Bowl Sunday, the game was just starting and I went to check the application to refresh my memory on the predictions that I had made, and the server was down so I was not able to get in. So, I decided to hold off and not be one of the people flooding the server and just sat back and enjoyed the game. After the game was over, I opened up the application and checked out how I did.  I saw that I did pretty good on two of the three predictions I made, but I honestly figured that with the amount of people playing that week, I did not have a chance.”

Van Voorhis predicted a final score of 30-28 with a Kansas City Chiefs victory with the Chiefs having the most receiving yards with 123 and total combined yards for both teams totalling 708.

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Super Squares® Sets GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Title With 12,529 Simultaneous Competing Players on the Live Game Show App

Winner of a brand new $80,000 Rivian Electric Adventure Vehicle and 70 Additional Prize Winners and Buddies Announced


Today, Super Squares®, the live mobile game show that launches Advertising as a Sport™, announces it has set the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the largest online sport square tournament, by reaching 12,529 players. In addition, Super Squares® announced its Grand Prize winner who shall receive a brand new $80,000 Rivian Electric Adventure Vehicle when the ground-breaking vehicle starts rolling into production later this year, alongside an additional 70 prize winners.

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Super Squares® Attempts New Guinness World Record While Hosting the World’s Biggest Super Bowl Squares Party on Sunday, February 7th

Veteran Football Analyst Mike Golic and Super Bowl Champion Matt Birk join On-Air Twitch Hosts “80’s Dave” and Jonathan Blevins to invite football fans to set a new Guinness World Record of most people playing an online football squares game


Today, Super Squares®, the live mobile game show that launches Advertising as a Sport™, announces the World’s Biggest Super Bowl Squares Party, happening concurrently with Super Bowl LV on Sunday on February 7th where the Kansas City Chiefs will go head-to-head with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Thousands will play the football squares game using the free-to-play app while watching the NFL Championship game on television. Fans seeking a multi-screen experience will be able to join a live Twitch watch party hosted by notable NFL analyst Mike Golic, and NFL Super Bowl XLVII Champion and Commissioner of Sports at React, Matt Birk.

The football squares tournament happening on Super Squares® has been designated as a World Record attempt by Guinness World Records, allowing every participant the opportunity to help set a World Record simply by competing in the app. In addition to the Guinness World Record attempt and fun happenings on, Super Squares® offers a $2.4 million prize pool, including a $1 million Perfect Game Jackpot that will be doubled to $2 million when shared with a ‘Buddy’ who may have referred the Winner to Super Squares®. The highest score during the tournament-culminating Bigger Game® event will be awarded a $80,000 Rivian Electric Adventure Vehicle, expected to roll into production later this year.

“Playing the football squares game is a tradition that brings everyone together and I’m happy we can still do so virtually this year,” said Mike Golic, notable NFL analyst and former ESPN commentator. “I’ve always been a fan of the squares game and I’m proud to lead the charge for fans to move from paper squares to Super Squares®. Mobile technology has eliminated paper in mail, maps and even Fantasy Football, and Super Squares® takes a game that millions have played on paper to the next level – just in time for a season where social distancing is keeping us apart.”

While in-person paper-based squares games usually found in offices, pubs and parties are less practical, the Super Squares® app still allows friends to play against each other using a proprietary “SkyBox” feature. To demonstrate, Golic has created his own SkyBox and is inviting “…everyone to crash my SkyBox and compare your final score to mine. I’ll award $250 from the Pro Football Hall of Game store to the highest score in my SkyBox, IF you can beat me!” Super Squares® players can enter the SkyBox by using the password “Golic” when joining gameplay on February 7th.

The free-to-play app combines the score matching elements of squares, with prediction and ad gamification, to provide a unique game show element that attracts casual and avid sports fans alike. Since the start of the 2020 season Super Squares® has already awarded over $300,000 to more than 3,000 players, and the Guiness World Record attempt will be the first time the entire nation will converge in a national tournament around the Super Bowl.

“This has been a different NFL season for all fans and I’m thrilled to be part of something that is bringing everyone together to bond over the game, but also be part of the real-time feedback for Super Bowl advertising,” said Matt Birk, Commissioner of Sports at React, the company behind Super Squares® and NFL Super Bowl Champion. “The Super Bowl is, of course, about crowning the NFL Champion, but it has also developed into a showcase for ads and people all over the country talk about advertising. Super Squares® understands this unique relationship and puts brands at the center of the action.”

Super Squares®, which piloted in May 2020, is the first reactive product showcasing the natural relationship between sports and branding. Players compete while watching live sports and are prompted to rate each in-app mobile TV commercial and then answer questions about them and are rewarded for being correct. This provides instant ad sentiment while verifying attention and ad recall, removing all the guesswork brands have about the delivery and effectiveness of their ads. These reactions provide participating brands and agencies with census-level validation of fan engagement and sentiment, measurable over time. This depth of understanding is simply not available to brands delivering traditional TV ads, even when they spend $5.5 million for a single TV spot. The live game show app provides consumers an opportunity to “get in the game” and will ultimately allow sports fans around the world to engage with all sports, no matter the league.

About Super Squares®
Super Squares® is a patent-protected, free mobile version of the popular score-matching “squares” game that allows sports fans to play against each other every week during the airing of NFL games. Players are presented with a blend of prediction and ad-based quizzes to answer before and after kickoff, and win prizes for correct answers, accurate predictions, and partial or full matching of their Super Square to the football games’ scores. Super Squares® is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play. For more information on Super Squares visit

About React
Founded by adtech and media measurement maverick Frank Maggio, React LLC is an experiential advertising technology and entertainment company that thinks of “advertising as a sport™.” By adrenalizing advertising™, React excites audiences with rewarding, branded two-screen experiences during the most viewed and attended sporting and media events in the world. The company’s commitment to “respect, protect, and reward attention” honors user privacy by never selling or sharing personally identifiable information. Details about React can be found at, and Super Squares® details are available at

Media Contact:
Emily McDonough, Clarity PR


Super Squares app looking to outlast the competition, even with football season concluding

ESNY speaks to Frank Maggio and Matt Birk about their game-changing Super Squares app ahead of the conference championships and Super Bowl.
A game as old as, well, the sport that pairs with it.

It’s usually around this time of year when you’ll start to see an old fashioned “squares” game pop up, given the NFL Playoffs are in full swing and the Super Bowl is right around the corner. It’s the game where you throw in $1, maybe $2, you pick a square out of 100, and when the numbers are drawn, you sit and wait to see if the two numbers you have line up with the final score of the football game that’s being played.

It’s exciting to find out your numbers in the beginning, until you realize you didn’t get a seven or a three and you’re essentially screwed out of luck. It also may be exciting at the end when you figure out if you’ve won a prize or not.

The middle part is where it becomes a drag though. Luckily, that’s where Super Squares comes into play.

Super Squares, which you can download on the Apple App Store as well as on Google Play, brings more to the simple “squares” game than one could imagine. You begin by joining a group of up to 25, and from there, a user actually predicts three outcomes of a game, reacts to two trivia-type questions in regard to sponsors, and then receives four score combos on a regular board of squares.

The scores for each player — one point for rating a sponsor ad, three points for correct quiz answers, six points for a partial super square, and 11 points for a perfect super square — are thus tallied at the end, and the highest-scoring group winners across the app will be eligible for prizes.

What’s interesting about Super Squares, however, is that it’s not just a game to be played on the day of the Super Bowl — the biggest day of the year for “squares.” Super Squares is more than that and offers prizes for every game, including the pair of conference championships this weekend.

The game is growing and will continue to grow, there’s no doubt about it. But it’s interesting to note that the idea actually started with a 23-year-old and his fondness for scratch-off tickets.

“So I like games, right? I’ve liked games since I was a kid. I’ve loved game shows since I was a kid,” Super Squares founder and CEO Frank Maggio told ESNY this week. “And one day I was in a grocery store working — I worked for the world’s largest advertiser, Procter & Gamble — and I came across a scratch-off game having to do with football and it was Monday Night Football…I picked up a handful of these scratch cards and I figured out how to make every one a winner and turned every game card into $5,500 and I collected 4,000 of them and turned in $21 million worth of winning scratch-off tickets.”

This entire concept and the effort to make it work doesn’t all fall on Maggio though. Every great idea needs a team to bring it all together, and on his team, Maggio has none other than former Vikings/Ravens center and six-time Pro Bowler Matt Birk (Commissioner of Sports at React LLC, the parent company). And the Super Bowl champion and Harvard alum had to admit: “squares” isn’t exactly the most entertaining concept.

Super Squares, however, is attempting to change that, and doing so with a $2.4 million prize pool that’s currently live through the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 7.

“‘Squares’ has probably been around since the first Super Bowl party. It’s this historic traditional game. It’s normally only played once a year on the Super Bowl,” Birk said. “The great thing is everybody knows how to play ‘squares.’ It’s not complicated. The bad news is, it’s actually a pretty boring game — you throw money in the pot, you get one set of numbers, and it’s totally random. It’s all luck and most numbers in a football game aren’t very good. So as soon as you get your number, it’s kind of over.”

“Our game, Super Squares, with a ‘Super Square’ you actually get four number combinations,” he added. “There’s an algorithm and you’re always guaranteed at least one good number — a zero, a three, a four, or a seven — and then every quarter, you get a new Super Square. So instead of having one set of numbers for the whole game, in Super Squares, you’re getting 16 sets of numbers and it changes every quarter. So you’re actually playing during the game…you have a reason to look at your numbers and your focus is always changing, you’re always alive.

“We have the predictor element as well. We are predictor squares. About half of our points are based on the three predictions you make about the game before it happens. So we’re a perfect blend of skill and luck”

Just because football season is nearing its conclusion doesn’t mean Super Squares is vanishing until August/September either. The guys reveal that a version of the game is already constructed for hockey and a NASCAR version is additionally in progress. The game could also be utilized for sports like basketball, baseball, as well as soccer.

Super Squares is currently thriving in an industry that’s increasing in popularity. The concept of online gaming, especially when money/prizes and sports are involved, is surging amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Needless to say, a safe and convenient way to play is what customers (both new and existing) desire, and Super Squares provides that.

Like with any growing industry, there’s competition though, and for Super Squares, it comes at the hands of Rocket Mortgage, who are rolling out their “squares” game for Super Bowl 55.

But regardless of Rocket Mortgage’s size and popularity, the initial idea for the game comes from Maggio, who claims he originally introduced the idea to what’s now their competitor.

“I presented Super Squares to Rocket Mortgage in 2018. They entered this space in 2020, and there’s no love lost between us and Rocket Mortgage, and the NFL is in the middle of it because we presented this to the NFL as well,” Maggio said. “So, there is a little bit of heat right now between us, who have been doing this since September. But we were going to start last year, and Rocket basically all of a sudden pops up with this ‘squares’ game.”

Maggio additionally details why Super Squares’ concept is superior to Rocket Mortgage’s current iteration.

“You pay attention to play our game. Your attention to brands is the currency of our game,” he stated. “With their game, you’re data. They want your data. They want you to basically go through a pre-app on a mortgage so you can get a square. We are the complete opposite of that. We’re actually an ad tech company that wants to give advertisers full attention but protect people’s privacy. That’s our future, we are developing all kinds of games where advertising is the currency but paying attention in a privacy-protected way is a brand new advertising economy. So, there’s a lot here beyond just a great game about football and prediction.”

“I personally presented Super Squares with presentations to [Rocket Mortgage’s] CMO twice,” Maggio added. “In December of 2019, they asked us what would it cost for them to be the only sponsor of Super Squares without ever telling us that they were going to do this on their own. And then, we gave them an answer and they said nothing for a month, and then said, ‘It’s too late for us to do anything, we’re working on something else.’ And then one day, actually the same day that I had a meeting with the NFL in New York, the NFL called me and told me that a sponsor was going to become an official sponsor of the NFL and they were going to announce their sponsorship through a standard Super Bowl ‘squares’ game.”

The “Big Game,” as they say, is approaching. The biggest football day of the year; the biggest “beer and wings” day of the year; the biggest “squares” day of the year. Simply speaking, it’s a massive opportunity for Maggio and Birk to further promote this game-changing app and concept.

With that said, Super Squares has a $2 million jackpot for the Super Bowl and will also be giving away a Rivian electric adventure vehicle — which you can’t win anywhere else, according to Birk — as well as Indiana eFTR motorbikes and gift certificates to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Thus, the prizes vary, and one of the more intriguing ways to win is actually through Super Squares’ buddy system.

Basically, if you register with Super Squares and refer a friend to register as well, whenever you win, they win. That’s right. The same exact prize. With Rocket Mortgage, you actually get an extra square whenever a friend registers, providing you with an advantage over them.

“Our model is different,” Maggio states. “Our model is: tell your friends to play, and if any of your friends win, you win the same prize.”

Not to mention, Super Squares is offering a great experience for the Super Bowl — a watch party in Tampa Bay (their location) hosted on Twitch by none other than Mike Golic, former NFL player and current ESPN college football analyst.

Super Squares will also be settling a critical debate — the best Super Bowl ads. They’ll be revealing which ads were the best in real-time after thousands of app users take part in a rating system.

Maggio states that the user is “part of the game.” Thus, in an era where individuals desire convenience and interactiveness in regard to entertainment, Super Squares is a few steps ahead.

You can get in on the action by downloading the mobile app ahead of the NFC and AFC Championship Games, which take place this Sunday, Jan. 24.

By Ryan Honey – 01/23/2021


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