What’s a Buddy?

Who’s Your Buddy? Your Buddy is the person or organization that INTRODUCED YOU and INVITED YOU to Super Squares®.  Many players found us on their own – and they have no Buddy.  That’s fine! Over half of Super Squares® players discovered us without a Buddy – and THEN BECAME BUDDIES to their Friends. 

See below for Buddy FAQ’s.

whats a buddy


Why is being a REAL Buddy important?  When you refer a Friend to Super Squares®, you become your Friend’s Buddy, and during “Matching Buddy Prize” events (like the entire inaugural season of Super Squares® for pro football), Buddies win matching prizes when their Friends win. Understand that a REAL Buddy actually recruits a Friend to play – they’re NOT just somebody you can try to split prizes with, or double dip.  The Matching Buddy Prizes model is Super Squares® way of THANKING and REWARDING passionate players who feel strongly enough to share their excitement with their friends. 

So, I can’t choose someone to be my Buddy?  No – that’s not the way it works.  Listing a Buddy is a way of giving credit to AN EXISTING PLAYER who truly suggested you join.

What does a Friend need in order to make me their Buddy when they sign up?  All your Friend needs is YOUR SCREEN NAME.  When asked, “Who’s your Buddy?” they’ll enter it.  It’s the Buddy’s responsibility to share their Screen Name (spelling is important).

There’s a similar (but inferior ;)) squares game out there that gives me a free square when I recruit a friend to sign up.  Why don’t you do the same thing and give me an advantage?  Let’s be frank – those other guys are giving you an advantage over your friends.  Your friend is better off NOT accepting your invitation, and joining on their own; otherwise, you end up COMPETING with them, and you will have twice the chance of winning over them!  We think that’s a ruthless way to reward you for recruiting friends.  Our way makes a lot more sense – a Friend loses NOTHING when accepting your invitation, and has every reason to give you credit.  YOU get the benefit of matching prizes, but NOT an advantage in the game.  That’s the RIGHT way to be rewarded.

So, players can have ONE Buddy, or NO Buddy.  I get it.  But can I be the Buddy to more than one Friend?  Absolutely! You can have an unlimited number of Friends. Some of our best players and radio personalities have hundreds of Friends and have won thousands of dollars in cash and prizes because they have an army of Friends playing WITH and AGAINST them every game show. 

Can you help me get the word out?  Sure! Inside the app’s menu, you’ll find the “Invite Friends”  link.  Tap it, and then you can prepopulate email, text, or even social media posts with your Screen Name, so you can forward to one or more Friends.  SUGGESTION:  Personalize the message.  It will demonstrate that you care, and it will help your Friends understand that this really is a cool opportunity to play and win.

How will I know when a Friend joins?  Easy – check out your Profile.  Your Friends and their Screen Names and email addresses are listed in the app – and YOUR SCREEN NAME and EMAIL are visible to your Friends as well.

I forgot to add my Buddy and now I’ve joined.  Is it too late to add my Buddy’s Screen Name?  It depends.  If you’ve joined in the last 48 hours, you will be able to edit your Profile and add your Buddy’s Screen Name.  If more than 48 hours passes, it’s too late.  We’re sorry, but this is the process we follow to reward Buddies – no exceptions.

What if I misspelled my Buddy’s Screen Name?  In the rare instance you misspelled the Screen Name (and it actually is the Screen Name of an existing Player), we are able to research this for you.  If indeed there is a Buddy with a similar spelling that should be your Buddy, our Admins will make the change for you in special circumstances.  Please note – Approval may take several weeks, or more.  And, if approved, this would NOT have any retroactive effect – any prior prizes you’ve won will NOT be awarded to your real Buddy, and any Buddy prizes awarded to the former Buddy will not be negated. 

My Buddy stole my girl friend.  I want him removed – or else.  You think we’re kidding!  We get this every once in a while.  Here’s the deal – if you’re that angry at your (former?) Buddy that you’ll quit playing Super Squares to spite them, we must unfortunately let that happen.  Our commitment is first and foremost to our existing Players (like you).  The Buddy referral is an award for taking the time to suggest Friends register and play.  There’s no requirement that there is any long lasting friendship.