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Super Squares - Scoring the Square


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Tons Of Players Have Won Cash & Prizes And Even A New Car!

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It’s a Live TV Game Show in Your Smartphone!

To play you just…WATCH, REACT & WIN!


WATCH – Pay attention to the game & to the in-app Sponsor ads.

Super Squares - Take a quiz about the game & sponsors


REACT – Take a brief quiz about the game & our Sponsors.

Super Squares - Pay attention to the game & commercials


WIN – Earn points & Super Squares™, climb the leaderboard & WIN!

Super Squares - Earn Points & Win!
How To Play

6 Ways to Win – A New Chance Every Round!

Super Squares - Scoring the Square
  • Leaderboard – Win by beating your 25-person Game Group or the National Leaderboard.

  • Perfect Square – For each Perfect Super Square you earn, win a valuable coupon.

  • New Car – Perfect Super Square entries compete to win a New Car every Tournament Cycle!

  • Never Out Of It – Fresh Super Squares every Game Break mean you’ve always got a chance to win!

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How Can We Afford to Give Away So Much Cash & Prizes?

Super Squares™ is a team effort that brings players and sponsors together in a fun, rewarding live TV game show.

The Super Squares™ 2018 Pilot Tournament was sponsored by:

Our promotional sponsors for the Super Squares™ Tampa Bay Area 2018 Pilot Tournament were:

Super Squares - Mobile Game Quiz for Smartphones | HD Interactive
Super Squares - Live Game Quiz for Mobile Devices | PopStops
Super Squares - Live Sports Game Quiz for Mobile Devices | Bouchard Insurance
Super Squares - Live Sports Game Show for Mobile Devices | AMVETS